Chemistry play a pivoltal role in people’s lives wether they realize it or not. All that surrounds humankind has elements of chemistry in it. Given the relevancy to life, some would say it is prudent to keep up with the conventional chemistry topics in our everyday lives. Below you will find 10 Chemistry blogs you should read in 2017. 

1. Compound Interest

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The subject matter of a compound interest blog is basically the exploration of chemistry and chemical reactions in our day to day life. The blog is authored by Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher in the United Kingdom. With his extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field, Brunning’s blog is both creative and captivating.

His blog has been a success so far, and it is covering major topics like the chemistry of poisons, the chemistry of champagne, and the chemical structure of vitamins. He utilizes handy infographics to illustrate ideas more quickly. His concepts mostly cover the everyday encounters of people from different settings. As a result, the blog has achieved resounding achievements through an active social media presence and the recently released book. 

2. Labsolutely

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Labsolutely is a blog with a private administration by a chemist focusing on organic and supra-molecular topics. He is a post-doctorate holder from the Netherlands, and he posts info, photos, videos, and research findings regarding his chemistry projects. He breaks down his work to offer readers an easy time. 

Moreover, his blog is not only informative but also full of fun. It covers progressive chemistry experimentation and exciting findings. Also, he attempts to keep his audience entertained through his great sense of humor and cultural orientations. The blog’s most recent topics revolve around agarose ducks, cubane synthesis, chemistry memes, microfluidics, and a lot of other interesting topics.

3. Chemistry World Blog

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The Chemistry World Blog has been ranking among the most popular chemistry blogs in the past and also in 2017. Unlike other blogs with only a single author, Chemistry World Blog has spiced things up and utilizes the services of a team of excellent writers. Besides, they have the freedom of generating and expressing their own opinions. For this reason, their content, which is a mixture of chemistry discussions and news items, are interesting and of high quality, and they focus on the satisfying their readers. 

Furthermore, it has collaborated with The Royalty Society of Chemistry to raise its credibility. Recent topics covered in this blog include sleep deprivation and science, the invention of matches, and an inside look at peer reviews. Readers seeking information on the development of the chemical industry around the world should always visit this blog. 

4. Green Chemistry Nexus Blog Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.35.59 PM.png

The Green Chemistry Nexus blog is published by The American Chemical Society. It focuses on environmental chemistry, its advancements, and how it can further develop in the future. Besides, it also ventures into the engineering world and focuses on how engineering is fitting-in, in a more environmentally steered world.

Besides, it shares marketing research bound to show which direction the industry is on. The relevant topics in this blog include clean energy, synthetic eco-friendly chemicals, and business news on the ventures seeking to become more-green.

5. Amphoteros 

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Amphoteros is a blog that is fundamentally focused on the behavior of molecules and how it can be influenced by science. Moreover, it ventures in the molecular properties of arsenic and how the threads in the brush of a mop absorb water. Most of the blog’s content is attributed to the molecular behavior, reaction, and synthesis. However, the process revolving around this chemistry is relatively complicated.

Fortunately, Amphoteros works to simplify it by just presenting information in an interesting matter. The blog seeks to bring out the synthetic and chemical biology in the lab to light. Some recent articles in this blog include remote control of chemical reactivity and the network of noncovalent interactions. The blog also provides a platform for discussing scientific advancements.

6. In the Pipeline

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In The Pipeline focuses on the role of chemistry in pharmaceuticals. It is authored by a medicinal chemist, Derek Lowe. He dedicates his time to discuss how the new chemistry discoveries are impacting the pharmaceutical industry through clinical trials. Lowe is among the leading writers on the science of pharmaceuticals. He is prolific in his writing as his articles are both influential and widely-read. The blog features familiar topics like the future of antibiotics, where he explains how and why the development of antibiotics has derailed and how this can be overturned in future. It has also included other articles like the influence of research on nano-particles, pharma business news, and others. Lowe makes his readers understand that pharmaceuticals are essential in improving the quality of life by informing them of recent trends and news on the subject.


7. American Chemistry Matters

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American Chemistry Matters is a blog by the American Chemistry Council, and it predominantly highlights the innovative impact of the American chemistry industry. The blog emphasizes on the significance of innovation in chemistry throughout America, the wealth of new jobs that are created by manufacturing industries, and new safety improvements in the chemical industry. It covers topics like chemical screening tools, nanotechnology, and trending developments in chemistry. Besides, it offers readers vast knowledge on the American chemical sector. 

8. Master Organic Chemistry

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Organic chemistry is one of the common chemistry topics globally. However, not many people have a good understanding of the topics. This blog aims at offering an exhaustive online guide towards the resolving of problems faced in organic chemistry. It offers readers information and resources on how to get started in this focus area. Moreover, it also provides them with study resources, exam tips, insights, summary sheets, and organic chemistry indexes.

9. ChemBark 

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ChemBark is an extensive chemistry blog, and it offers its readers a clear and honest opinion on chemical research and chemistry. The blog is authored by NYU and Dr. Paul Bracher, a Harvard graduate and a Professor of Organic Chemistry, Prebiotic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. It offers a platform where honest experimental discussions are held, academic politics, and innovative ideas. 

10. Med-Chemist 

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Med-Chemist is a blog that is exceedingly resourceful for readers interested in medicinal chemistry. It is authored by Dr. Umesh, an organic chemist. He has broad experience in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemical. The blog covers topics in medicinal chemistry research, development news, and other advanced chemistry topics.