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1. 11 Wells


Craft spirits are alive and on the rise in Minnesota thanks to 11 Wells Distillery founders Bob McManus and Lee Egbert. 11 Wells is a unique distillery located in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota in the historic Hamm's Brewery. Ironically there are 11 wells on site of their revitalized location and the 11th well is the source for their spirits. McManus and Egbert are two guys with big vision and mission for distilling in Minnesota. It is incredibly easy to see that these two are passionate about their craft and are bringing some outstanding flavors to the table. Their current offerings include Minnesota 13 White Whiskey, Gin, and Rum made from sugar cane juice. Bourbon is also in the near future. Their aged version of Minnesota 13 is already in the barrel aging process, their single malt is malting, and their rye is fermenting as we speak. Watch out for 11 Wells as they resurrect and originate recipes with the hopes of bringing Minnesota spirits to a place of prominence.

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2. Lake George Distilling Co.


Lake George Distilling Company was founded in Fort Ann, New York in 2012. Owners Robin and John's love of artisan handcrafted spirits gave this micro-distillery its start. Lake George consists of hand crafted small batch distilling with the best local ingredients from their region. Their go to products include: 32 Mile Moonshine, Indian Kettles Smoked Corn Whiskey, Apple Pie Moonshine, Bullhead Bourbon, and Lake George Lemonade (Whiskey and Lemonade). Keep an eye out for this talented team as they plan to start making additional flavored moonshines and a variety of whiskeys in the future.

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3. Limestone Branch Distillery


Limestone Branch Distillery is truly a family affair with a rich heritage in distilling. Brothers, Paul and Steve Beam started the distillery in 2012 in Lebanon, Ky. They began production with the product Sugar Shine which is a spirit that is distilled and is crafted using a 50 percent white heirloom corn and 50 percent cane sugar mix. Their products are split into two categories: Shine and Whiskey. In 2014, Limestone launched their first unique aged product, Precinct No. 6 Whiskey and was named after an older geographical destination in Marion County, Kentucky where family related distilleries used to reside. Limestone Branch's Moonpie Moonshine flavors include: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana. They also have a Sugar Shine named after the founder's grandfather, Minor Case Beam, which is entitled Minor's Revenge. Finally, their T.J. Pottinger Sugar Shine finds its roots back in 1781 and includes several flavors, including Original, Apple Cinnamon, Blackberry, Cherry, Jalapeno, Pumpkin Pie, and Strawberry.

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4. James River Distillery


James River Distillery was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Staples, Kristi Croxton, and Matt Brophy in Richmond, Virginia. From the very beginning,the James River crew set out with the intentions of producing top notch distilled spirits. Head Distiller Dwight Chew was a great addition to the company and is doing an incredible job with running the distillery and seeking to introduce unique spirits that include unconventional components and locally grown organic ingredients. Their Commonwealth Gin was the very first spirit to be released. The Commonwealth Gin has been described as "a blend of 10 botanicals with warming aromatic notes of pepper, citrus and melon, followed by flavors of green spice, resin, and juniper with a touch of hop presence". You can read about the entire James River Distillery team here.

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5. Bramley and Gage


Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage started developing what is now called Bramley and Gage in the mid 1980's. It began as a kitchen experiment of sorts in their farmhouse with rasberry, strawberry, and blackcurrant liqueurs made with fruit from their fruit farm. The liqueurs became a success and it wasn't too long before their Sloe Gin made an appearance as well. After 10 years Edward and Penelope sold their farm to relocate to a a new space with a proportionate bottling line and facilities. After all these years, Bramley and Gage still get their fruits from local sources and still make their product with the same method they began with, "small batches giving the freshest flavors possible."

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6. Appalachian Gap Distillery


Appalachian Gap is an all solar powered artisanal distillery located in the heart of Vermont. Yes, you read that right, it is a solar powered distillery. Founders and distillers, Lars Hubbard and Chuck Burkins are handcrafting a line of distinct and delicious spirits that are sure to spark your interest. Nothing could capture the essence of Appalachian Gap more than this quote we found on their website, "What began as fun became a mild obsession, and now has become a business that we are building with our hands to make the best spirits we possibly can." Their unique spirits offer an intense range of flavors from coffee, to white whiskey, to rum, and more spirits to follow in cue. Their current offerings include Mosquito Fleet Rum, Kaffekask (a spirit distilled from corn and barley with coffee), Kaffevan (coffee liqueur), Snowfall Vermont Whiskey, and Catamount Gin.

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7. Broadslab Distillery

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Authentic, American made, and all natural is a fitting description for Broadslab Distillery. This distillery is built on legacy and experience straight from the moonshine captial of North Carolina in Johnson County. Inspired by his talented grandfather, owner and master distiller Jeremy Norris, went back to his familial roots and the moonshine rich history of the area when he set out to build what is now Broadslab Distillery. Broadslab are makers of natural hand crafted whiskey, moonshine, and rum, using techniques that have been in use for over five generations of master distillers. It is apparent that this crews purpose is to deliver the real deal, nothing but authentic moonshine whiskey just like their ancestors did. Their current offerings include Broadslab Legacy Shine (a corn whisky), Broadslab Legacy Reserve (charred oak corn whiskey), Carolina Coast Artisan Crafted Spiced-Rum, and Carolina Coast Silver Rum.

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8. Finger Lakes Distilling


Finger Lakes Distilling is a craft distillery on the beautiful east shore of Seneca Lake in Upstate New York. Although this area is commonly known for being New York's wine country, the Finger Lakes team are bringing a variety of other spirits into the scene. Owners Brian McKenzie and Thomas Earl McKenzie met at a conference in 2007 and after combining their mutual passion for craft spirits Finger Lakes Distilling was born. Finger Lakes is committed to traditional methods and locally sourced raw materials. Their current offerings include whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy, a variety of liqueurs, and more. This week Finger Lakes is celebrating their 5th Anniversary which will feature the much anticipated release of their Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon.

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9. Peach Street Distillers


Peach Street Distillers takes their craft seriously and pride themselves on a "practice what they preach" approach. This no nonsense team is all about experimenting and concocting libations that back up the legitimacy of their craft. Peach Street is located in beautiful Palisade, Colorado alongside an orchard which is also where they get much their ingredients locally. Their team includes Owner Rory Donavon, Moose Koons, the voice of the distillery as well as the sales guy, and Davy Lindig the head distiller. This three member crew comes with a plethora of interesting stories to go along with their unique line of spirits. Their current offerings include a French style brandy entitled Eau De Vie, Pear Brandy, and Peach Brandy, all made with fruit from their neighboring orchard. They also currently offer Grappa (an interesting grape inspired spirit), Goat Artisan Vodka, Jackelope Gin, Jackelope and Jenny Gin, Colorado Straight Bourbon, and D'agave Tequila.

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10. Tenn South Distillery


Tenn South Distillery is a distiller of handcrafted small batch spirtis located in Lynnville, Tennessee. Blair Butler and Clayton Cutler got their start by bringing their dreams to distill as an engineer and a radiologist to real life. Tenn South's spirits are made from raw materials on site performing mashing, fermenting, distilling, barrel aging, and bottling. They are not rooted in an ancestry of distillers, but they do love their craft and venture to utilize a combination of both the methods of past and the modern times to bring about a fresh approach. Their current offerings include their All Purpose Shine, Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, Black Mule Vodka, Abernathy Gin, Blackberry, Apple Pie, and Peach Pie Moonshine. They also have just released their Old King Corn Whiskey as well. Three of their spirits have taken home Gold and Bronze medals this year in national competitions. The award winners include Tenn South's All Purpose Shine, Abernathy Gin and Black Mule Vodka.