5 Ingredients That Are Making Waves In The Cosmetics Market in 2018

The beauty industry has always been something that has seen constant evolutions in trends because of innovations and changing customer needs. The changes in the industry don’t only happen because of changing product demands, but sometimes, even because of the changing trends in cosmetic ingredients. Here is a list of five of those ingredients that are making their way to shelves across the world.

Hemp Seed

Hemp Seeds-1

The cosmetics industry and the hemp seed industry are working hand in hand to help improve their products. The hemp industry in the United States alone has seen an incredible improvement as a result of the cosmetic industry and is being used in a lot of commonly found brands of oils, creams, lotions and makeup. The ingredient is usually denoted on labels as CBD, hemp oil, or hemp seed oil. 


coffee beans

It would appear that 2018 is the year that coffee takes center stage as a cosmetic ingredient. Coffee is being used as a vital ingredient in a lot of cosmetic products because of the range of believed benefits that it can provide to its users. One of the leading aspects that coffee is thought to contribute to cosmetics world is its function as a natural vasodilator. This means that the coffee in the product can help improve blood flow around your face and other parts of your body. Coffee-based face washes and shower gels are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Lip and body scrubs that contain a certain amount of coffee extracts are also being seen in some brand lines. One of the most popular products that tend to have coffee extracts, and which people are lining up to buy are coffee based under eye creams. Coffee can give your skin the refreshing boost that it needs to get started through the day and can help reduce the signs of aging and puffiness under the eyes, making them a great addition to any morning routine.



While most south Asian households have been considering turmeric as an age-old staple for beauty, the rest of the world is now beginning to catch up. Brands all over the world are now beginning to realize just how useful turmeric can be when it comes to giving the user a beautiful glow and a feeling of refreshed skin. Because of how tried and tested this ingredient is, people all over the world are trying to get their hands on the latest turmeric base products as fast as they can. One of the main kinds of cosmetic products that tend to contain turmeric is face essences. Face essences by themselves are a new kind of product that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Essences that are infused with turmeric and other kinds of natural ingredients are great for anyone who wants to try a natural and brilliant approach towards getting the skin that they have always wanted.

Kukui Nut Oil

kui kui but oil

2018 is all about the Kukui Nut oil. This new kind of oil is being used across the world, for hair and body. Kukui nut is an ingredient that hails from Hawaii and was previously used by the locals to maintain hair care. However, the oil is now being used by notable cosmetic companies who are trying to incorporate the very best of everything for their customers. One of the bigger reasons Kukui nut oil is becoming popular is because of its consistency and effectiveness. 



This year, the brands coming from Asian countries are leaning towards pearl infused products, which is why this comes as the final ingredient on our list. Crushed pearl acts as an exfoliant for the skin, and can remove dead skin without causing any damage to the outer layers. It tends to be gentle, yet effective on the skin. One of the most popular kinds of pearl infused products that are making their way onto the market is pearl sheet and sleeping masks. Sheet masks have only become more and more popular over the last year, and incorporating some of the hottest new tends into these products seems to be the way to go for a lot of brands on the market. Face and body washes and exfoliators are also one category of products that are regularly seeing pearls as one of their main ingredients.