Take a look around at the things that surround you at this very moment. With a great degree of certainity, an industrial mixer was involved in producing the an end product within your line of sight. Mixer Direct mixers can be found in wide range of environments across the globe. Today we are going to focus in on the incredible world of the food and beverage industry. We count ourselves incredibly grateful to play a role in the delicious things we eat and drink in our world through food and beverage mixers. Let's explore 5 food and beverage products made with Mixer Direct mixers.

McClure's Pickles


If you have have not had a chance to try a McClure's Pickle, you are sadly missing out. This family owned company out of Detroit, Michigan and Brooklyn, NY are producing innovative food products like pickles, relish, chips, tapenade, brine, and bloody mary mix. The team at McClure's currently uses the Mixer Direct Flange Mount Mixer to make several aspects of their product line. You can find all the McClure's Pickles products you could possibly want here.

Lucky Jack Coffee

This isn't your typical coffee. The talented crew at Lucky Jack Coffee in Las Vegas, Nevada have brought a spectrum of super tasty coffee products to market with a extra punch of flavor and caffeine. These coffee entrepreneurs currently offers six flavors of bottled cold brew coffee. Lucky Jack currently uses several custom Mixer Direct mixers from our top entry mixer line and our plate mount mixer line to produce their products. To find these awesome bottled coffees near you, visit Lucky Jack Coffee here.

Cardinal Spirits


Cardinal Spirits is a unique craft distiller located in Bloomington, Indiana. Cardinal Spirits opened their doors in February of 2015 and haven't looked back sense. The team's expedient growth has produced a strong fan following and over 11 handcrafted premium spirits. Cardinal Spirits currently uses a custom Mixer Direct plate mount mixer. To locate Cardinal Spirit's products, you can visit their product map here

Hope Hummus 


Hope Foods produce the absolute rockstars of incredibly delicious hummus. Hope currently uses Mixer Direct High Torque MP3 Electric Mixers to craft 12  phenomenal hummus flavors and counting. These include flavors include options like chocolate, spicy green chile guacamole, sriacha, and more. To find Hope Hummus at a store near you, simply click here and type in your zip code. 

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream


Chances are, you've probably heard of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. We can tell you from personal experience, this ice cream is life changing. With more handcrafted unique flavors that anyone could possibly count, you should probably start your taste testing now. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream currently uses a variety of custom Mixer Direct mixers to help produce their products. You can find Jeni's near you by visiting their product map here.