Smart home technology is dramatically affecting the way we live our lives. Everywhere you look smart technology is there. 2015 has brought about a variety forms of technology that our transforming the way our homes function. A large part of this is due to the accessibility to these technologies right from our smartphones (both iPhone and Android). Whether you are hoping to reduce rising energy costs, save time, or merely want the convenience of more efficient options to control your home, check out these fascinating ideas that could impact your life and home in 2015.


JIBO, The World’s First Family Robot

Want to simplify your life by employing a robotic personal assistant? Meet Jibo a human like, emotionally connected, assistant, and companion. Did we mention it's a robot? Jibo is an interesting new home tech prospect that may have seemed like a dream that began with the iconic Jetson's. Setup appears to be relatively simple. This process includeds connecting Jibo to your home wifi network, learning it's capabilities, installing a mobile app, and setting up voice and face recognition features.

Jibo weighs in at around 6 pounds and is approximately 11 inches tall. His build includes aluminumn, ABS plastic, and glass body. There are a wide spectrum of features and capabilities wrapped into this little robot. Let's cover the highlights. Jibo has ambient full spectrum LED ligthting, wifi, bluetooth, 2 premium speakers, 2 color stereo cameras, 360° sound localization, full body touch sensors, and an HD LCD touchscreen. The capabilities of Jibo are seemingly endless. A few things to note include: a voice activated camera, scheduling, reminders, video chat, new skill development, and responsive story telling and animation.

Overall Jibo seems like a nice addition to any home. This is largely due to it's creator's intent and design to interact with its users at any stage of life.



The Ring Video Doorbell

What if you could instantaneously answer your door no matter where you were? With a clear HD view and night vision, the Ring Video Doorbell allows you to view and speak from your smartphone to whoever is at your front door, day or night. This home technology is easily installed in a few minutes. Installation includes connecting to your existing doorbell wiring or put it anywhere with a built in rechargeable battery. After finding the right spot simply download the ring app and insure the Ring Video Doorbell is connected to your home wifi.

This snazzy piece of home technology provides convenience and safety. There are a handful of features that really made this device stand out. The seamless two-way talking is a plus and don't forget the microphone that boasts "perfectly tuned echo cancellation". As far as safety is concerned, it also includes motion detection paired with instant push notification and optional cloud recording. To top off all these features, the Ring Video Doorbell includes a Lifetime Purchase Protection. They go as far as stating "If your Video Doorbell is stolen, we'll replace it free of charge."

For those of you who do not want an eye sore on your front door, the doorbell comes in a variety of faceplate finishes and an LED ring around the doorbell with a variety of light patterns. The faceplate finishes are available in satin nickel, antique brass, polished brass, and venetian bronze.



Chamberlain MyQ Garage

Ready to open your garage door with the touch of a smartphone? The MyQ Garage allows you to connect your smartphone and remotely open and close your garage. Every home owner has experienced the concern of whether you remembered to close the garage or not. With a few minutes to install, wifi, and a free app, this smart technology simultaneously adds a safety and convenience factor to your home. Technology like this allows a little more piece of mind and the savings of wasted car trips to monitor the status of the garage.

MyQ Garage will allows the user to set alerts if the door has been open for a particular amount of time. In effect, this gives you the heads up to remotely close it from anywhere. The features of this technology are nothing short of incredible time and money savers. All of this is controlled by a mounted wifi hub that will receive and send signals to your opener to know whether to open, close, or give a status update. According to Chamberlain the device is compatible with the majority of garage door openers that have been made since 1993 (a compatibiliy guide can be found here).



Dacor Discovery iQ WallOven

Are you ready to simplify your home cooking? The Dacor Discovery iQ WallOven is a 30" convection wall oven with a 7" LCD glass touch screen that connects to wifi and is controlled by your smartphone. Instead of rushing home to prep your oven, set the preheat temperature remotely on your phone. Forgot to pick out a recipe? No problem, simply open your Discovery IQ Controller interactive cooking app and remotely access option via your smartphone and then program the oven with presets. If that isn't enticing enough, you can also have the recipe displayed on the touchscreen with ease.

Simplified cooking, user friendly, and convenient. The cooking experience just reached a new height of interesting. Dacor's oven appears to give help to the lowliest of rookie cooks. Other features of this smart home tech oven offers guided cooking with a helpful pre-programmed list of popular dishes partnered with an estimated cooking time. While cooking you can also check your email, listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, or play a game to kill time. To top off the features of this home tech oven, Dacor also is capable of assessing and diagnosing problems at a distance. Happy cooking!


Kwikset KEVO Bluetooth® Deadbolt Lock

Want smarter access and security for your home? By simply having your smartphone on your person you can unlock your doors with a touch of the lock. This essentially means no more dropped groceries or digging for your keys. With the Kwikset KEVO Bluetooth® Deadbolt Lock, your smartphone can become your key to entering your home. This product simplifies access to your home and saves the user time.

How does the Kwikset KEVO Bluetooth Deadbolt Lock work? After install, simply download the Kevo Mobile App. The app will allow users to remotely lock and unlock, view a lock and unlock history, and will even allow you to share temporary eKeys to allow easy access to relatives and friends. Don't have a smartphone? No problem. This home tech can still be used with Kwiksets key fob as well.