The success of the American whiskey business is demanding fresh trends from limited supplies and soaring orders. This has required a little ingenuity from whiskey producers. Take for instance John Rempe or Steve Beam, their recent activity is indicative of the current and future environment. 

Rempe is one of the underlying influences with the Rebel Yell label at Luxco, it's reputable 10 Year Old Single Barrel and the Blood Oath line of limited-time bourbons. 

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Beam and his sibling Paul established the Limestone Branch Distillery in 2010, finding more whiskey makers while theirs matured. With acquired juice (and some of their own) they combined the Minor Case Straight Rye, plus Yellowstone Whiskey brand in sherry casks. 

From wheated bourbons to blends and cask finishes. Both of these makers are in the middle of what’s representing American whiskey these years. 

1. Limited Releases

We're in a golden period for allocated whiskey. Smaller sized batches of products come out just once a year sometimes, experience attention on social media and then rush off the shelf. 

The Blood Oath line gets released each year with a highly produced blend which never returns. Collectors will track down Blood Oath Pact #1, #2, and now #3 in order to taste the differences and similarities. 

Rempe described how people these days are searching for the next rare bottle to brag about to their compatriots. The more limited, the better. Blood Oath is now an allocated brand. The bourbon blend gets its name because it's 98.6 proof is the same number as the temperature of human blood. It sells at roughly $100. Rempe says the products with this caliber quality can command a price like that. 

2. Barrel Finishes

With customer's tastes as unique as ever before, how will distillers satisfy the buyer's demand for different flavors? Original barrel finishes are now the standard solution. 

Just as with Beam’s sherry cask rye, exceptional barrel-finishes provide customers with a much-desired variation of flavor.  Beam explains how they believed the sherry finish with their rye imitates the qualities of that of a Manhattan cocktail. He foresees his business's rye will keep being sourced. He happens to like Indiana rye a lot, and if he's able to produce his own take on it, that’s great. 

Barrel-finishing is also intriguing for producers. Rempe finished the 2016 batch in ex-port casks and 2017 in ex-cabernet barrels with Blood Oath. This allows both the distiller and the blender to take the spotlight 

Barrel-finishing also makes room for creativity to truly make distinct whiskey

3. Age Statements

Age statements are more frequently being left off of labels. Why is that? It is a fairly simple answer, there isn't enough aged merchandise to satisfy the market.Expect more labels to move towards age statements while others go the way of blends. 

4.  Wheated Bourbons 

Wheated bourbons are receiving more attention in customers largely thanks to the die-hard supporters of the highly esteemed and largely sought after Pappy Van Winkle. With the popularity for the Pappy following strongly surging, more consumers are expected to be looking for other wheated bourbons if they are out there.

5. Bourbon

Soaring in at over 26 million, Bourbon consumers are taking the cake int the U.S. It doesn’t teak much to realize that Bourbon is trending high. Why is it so popular? It is surprisingly versatile in beverages, but more importantly, it is America’s only native spirit.