It's 2015 and you or your company finds that you need a tank. Not just any ordinary tank, a stainless steel cone bottom tank. When it comes to making a serious purchase, you want to get all the information you can get to insure you are making the right purchase. This is where we come in to help. In this blog post, we will take you through the info you need to know before purchasing a cone bottom tank.


What Is A 500 Gallon Cone Bottom Tank?

A cone bottom tank is a cylindrical tank connected to a cone shaped bottom like the image pictured above. This particular type of tank is primarily fabricated to allow the contents inside of the tank to easily drain through the bottom mount NPT half coupling (2 Inches). NPT stands for National Pipe Thread. This simply means that the taper of the thread is the U.S. standard for pipes and fittings that will pull tight and make a fluid-tight seal. The cone style bottom allows for mixing batches to be drained or switched in a system with ease.


Customizing Cone Bottom Tanks

What really sets the 500 Gallon cone bottom tank apart from others is the fact that it has the greatest variety of customizable tops. A hinge is popular type of top that allows for easy access to introduce large qualities of ingredients to your mixing batch. Other types of tops might include an open top, piano hinge (2 and 3 piece), sanitary hinge, 1 piece lid, cone welded, dish welded, or flat welded. Another useful and customizable aspect includes the variety of openings that can be included in your design. Some popular types of openings may include a manway or a hatch. This is primarily found on the top of a tank. A manway is an opening or a passageway designed to allow a person to access the tank. The benefits of a manway include increased ease of access to clean your tank and or make necessary adjustments to equipment in the interior of the tank. A hatch is another opening type that can be customized. One option might include a sanitary hatch which is specifically designed with the intentions of keeping out unwanted materials that could potentially contaminate your mixing batch. The sanitary hatch includes an area that will catch and keep items such as dust from entering your mixing tank. There are a few options for the construction materials of a cone bottom tank. This type of tank is almost exclusively made from two types of stainless steel. You can have this tank made from 304 or 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel usually runs a bit higher in price at 5-10% more. You can usually settle the 304 or 316 dilemma based upon the type of substance you want to mix. For instance, if you are mixing a corrosive liquid then 316 would be a better choice. 316 has a unique make up in that it is a stainless steel containing molybdenum. This addition will provide a substantial increase in resisting corrosion.



Other customization options for your desired application might include types of polishes. We offer a bevy of polish options at Mixer Direct. Other customizations may include various mixer brackets, custom fittings, tank jackets, and level gauges.

How Can I Use A Cone Bottom Tank?

Here is the good news, you can use this type of tank for anything you want to process thats 500 gallons. Cone bottom tanks can be used in a variety industries. One of the primary reasons you want a cone bottom is due to the fact that it drains its contents more efficiently than a dish, sloped, or flat tank. The cone bottom really shines when it comes to materials that may be more difficult to drain. This explains the cone bottom tank's popularity in so many different industries. The cone shape allows for a greater drain velocity that other styles. This type of tank is most commonly seen in use at wineries, breweries, food processing industries, and biofuel companies.

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Where Can I Buy A Cone Bottom Tank?

This stainless steel tank is fabricated to order allowing for complete customization for your application. However don’t expect to wait 12-14 weeks for your mixing tank. Through a pre-engineering process, Mixer direct can deliver your tank in less than half that time. Just submit your specifications, we can modify a standard design and get you an approval drawing, you sign it and away we go. With a cone bottom, this tank can drain through the bottom mount 2” NPT half coupling. There are many options from 316SS construction and #4 polish, to mixer brackets, custom fittings, dimple jackets, and level gauges. Whatever your need may be, we can customize the right tank for you here