Looking for a 55 gallon drum mixer? You came to the right place. We're here to help you navigate the world of mixer lingo and get you the right fit for the right application.

What Is A Drum Mixer?

A drum mixer is simply a mixer that can easily attach to an open or closed 55 gallon drum or be inserted by a lift.

Why Choose A Drum Mixer?

Overall simplicity, minimization of transfer waste, and quality control are a few driving reasons to choose a drum mixer. Drum mount mixers can help you simplify your mixing by attaching or inserting your drum mixer into an open or closed drum. Utilizing a 55 gallon drum as your mixing vessel is cost effective depending on your configuration and application. Drum mixers also help to eliminate transfer waste. By minimizing transfer waste you can potentially save your business a substantial amount of money in the long run. Quality control is another important aspect to take into account when choosing a drum mixer. Customizing your drum mixer can help insure quality by assisting in getting the right consistency and uniformity in your product.

Types of Drum Mixers

Mixer Direct has developed a line of drum agitators that are capable of attaching in a variety of ways to the 55 gallon drum. Some clamp on to the side or a stand placed next to the drum. Others prefer to replace the lid on an open top drum with a Drum Lid Mount mixer. For closed drums, the bung mount mixer has folding impellers that open up when the motor is activated.

Drum Clamp Mount Mixer

The drum clamp mixer allows you to mount it directly to the side of a 55 gallon drum or similar vessel. The folding props enter through the 2” bung hole and automatically open with centripetal force and provide mixing for low to medium viscosities. With heat treated aluminum housing you get both outstanding durability and lightweight portability. Each mixer comes standard with a 5/8” diameter 316SS shaft and 304SS set screw attached impellers. Mixer Direct customization options include longer shafts, multiple gear ratios, and varied impellers to encompass any mixing need.

Drum Lid Mount Mixer

Ever wish that you could install the mixer and cover the drum in one easy step? Wish no more. Ideal for use in small batches and where some shear action is required. All of the materials contacting the fluid are constructed of 316 grade stainless steel, ensuring a high level of resistance to chemical attack. A square pitched left hand propeller is included with the mixer, providing a significant amount of flow per horsepower.

Drum Bracket Mount

Drum Bracket Mixers unique design attaches to any standard metal 55 gallon drum. The drum bracket’s lightweight and sturdy construction allows mixing to be performed in the drum eliminating the need to transfer the product to another container. Mixer Direct’s Drum Bracket’s angled end plate provides a rigid mount to the 55 gallon drum allowing for more vigorous mixing. There are many customization options available for the drum bracket enabling mixing from low to high viscosities. Mixer Direct offers a unique baffle option to prevent vortexing and improve top to bottom mixing. Our customization options include longer shafts, multiple gear ratios, and varied impellers to encompass any mixing need.

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