95 percent of the Earth's bourbon is made in Kentucky. Luckily, we are located in Louisville, where Bourbon is never too far out of reach. In recent years, Bourbon has been the go to spirit for America. As Mixer Direct has become involved in the Bourbon industry, we are ecstatic to see it's growth and the heightened interest in this incredible libation. In turn, this led to us to the fact that not too many people are aware of some of the nation's most talented Bourbon writers. Although our work was cut out for us, without any further delay, we present you with our take on the top Bourbon blogs to follow.

1. Bourbon & Banter

Bourbon & Banter

The team at Bourbon & Banter consists of 8 contributors and they are all about "Spreading The Bourbon Gospel". These guys know their stuff and they want to convert you to the wonders of Bourbon. The authors on this blog are not afraid to encourage and dish out some friendly debate. Bourbon & Banter is all about discovering new approaches to engaging with bourbon lovers and introducing their beloved drink to what they call "non-believers".

Read it here: Bourbon & Banter

2. Sour Mash Manifesto


Sour Mash Manifesto and it's author Jason Pyle have been consistent in showing that Bourbon and American Whiskey are two of America's greatest national treasures. Pyle has been about Bourbon for many years and is committed to providing readers with fresh and relevant content to consumers of any expertise level. Reading this blog will definitely help readers develop a love of Bourbon and perhaps a new found sense of respect for the industry.

Read it here: Sour Mash Manifesto

I Need A Mixer For A Distillery


3. Bourbon Guy

Bourbon Guy

Eric Burke is a self proclaimed Bourbon evangelist. He was inspired by Bourbon after he started watching the hit series "Mad Men" and realized he had no Don Draper staples in his dwindling liquor cabinet. He tried a sip and as time passed he became "The Bourbon Guy".

Read it here: Bourbon Guy

4. Bourbon & Oak

Bourbon & Oak

Bourbon & Oak have the best of both worlds: the consumer and the craft cocktail bartender. Their founder, Tim Doty, is the main writer and has been writing about Bourbon since his first taste. Doty started Bourbon & Oak to help others learn about Bourbon plus a few other things (gear and gadgets). Marlon Hall is the other part of this talented team. He writes from the perspective of a talented barman who developed his craft under the best in the business in Texas, New York, and Florida.

Read it here: Bourbon & Oak

5. Bourbon Blog


Want to learn from an expert? Then bourbonblog.com is the place for you. Tom Fischer is the founder and a leading authority in the spirits industry. His influential writing is intriguing and has helped this blog maintain a substantial socially engaged audience.

Read it here: Bourbon Blog

6. The Bourbon Guys

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.19.53 PM

Tim Beckelhimer and Larry Parece are "The Bourbon Guys" and they have an interesting story. The two became friends due to the friendship of their sons and after the they discovered their mutual love of bourbon, the rest was history. The Bourbon Guys believe that what sets them apart from other bourbon blogs is their diversity of thought on reviews. By "diversity of thought" they mean that they do not often agree on their reviews which makes for lively debate and good reading.