6 Drum Mixers To Save Money And Material

6 Drum Mixers To Save Money And Material

Many manufacturers today are looking to provide quality products while saving money and reducing waste. A simple solution to achieve this is the use of a drum mixer. Essentially, a drum mixer allows the use of the receiving drum to blend material. Each batch transfer wastes material (due to residuals left in the drum and transfer line) and time, so if a company can utilize the drum as the mixing tank, the product can be manufactured for a lower overall processing cost. There are several different types of drum mixers, and each one performs differently to suit your manufacturing and mixing needs. They can be differentiated by their ability to mix open or closed drums, or on closed drum edge or center bung openings

Clamp Mount Mixer (Open Drum)

These agitators can clamp to any vertical surface and are adjustable to just about any angle for mixing facilitation. They have the greatest versatility, easily outfitted with multiple gear ratios and motor types. Due to the fact that the clamp mount mixer is not supported by the drum directly it can also handle up to 3HP. Mixer Direct builds two lines of clamp mount mixers, the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount line and the Economy Clamp Mount line. Each of these can be customized to unique customer needs. Portable and stationary lift stands are available to mount these mixers.

Drum Bracket Mixer (Open Drum)

Sometimes it is not possible to clamp onto any local surface, but you still need a powerful mixer. The DBM line uses telescoping brackets and hand clamps to secure to steel drums and utilize larger gear systems and motors. Axial flow turbines are standard to this unit and facilitate mixing in high viscosities.

Drum Lid Mixer (Open Drum)

This mixer is used in situations where a drum lid is required for solvent retention or splash containment. The agitation powerhead mounts directly to the drum lid which is included with the mixer. Different sealing packages are available for chemical compatibility.

Drum Clamp Mixer (Open Drum w/ Lid and edge bung, Closed Drum with edge bung)

Not to be confused with a clamp mount mixer, this mixer clamps onto the side of the drum and sends a shaft at an angle into the drum using the top of the drum as leverage. Props fold to fit through the 2” bung opening and then open up in the tank by centripetal force.

Bung Mount Mixers (Open Drum w/ Lid and edge/center bung, Closed Drum with edge/center bung)

Mounting right in the 2” NPT bung, this mixer can handle both an edge and a center mount bung. Folding impellers collapse to fit through the opening and then open up again to mix the product.

Post Mount Drum Mixers (Open Drum)

For very high viscosity or high shear dispersion of 55 Gal drums. The mixer can be mounted on a separate post that lifts via an air cylinder to move the drums in and out of position. This category of agitator/disperser lets one use 5 HP and above motors, large gearboxes, and high speeds. Some industries also use this type of drum mixer for the quick processing throughput.

Please contact the Mixer Direct sales engineers if you have any questions on which one is right for you, 812-202-4047.