Smart home technology is changing the way we live. Smart technology is everywhere. A number of new forms of technology are changing the way our homes operate. Many of these technologies are accessible via your smart phone which is helpful for the 22% of the world that own a smart phone. Whether you are looking to save energy, time, and money or you just want to become more efficient in your home’s daily functions, check out these ideas that could transform your home and lifestyle forever.


Want to live comfortably in your home while saving energy? The Nest thermostat learns your schedule and the temperatures you like. It keeps you comfortable and saves energy when you're away. Our homes are a huge source of energy consumption—we want to be comfortable in our homes so our heating and cooling systems are always going hard to maintain a harmonious climate. New technology helps us save money and maintain desirous temperatures in our homes.

The Nest learning thermostat. “learns” your family’s lifestyle. It integrates information from its sensors and the weather outside through a wi-fi connection to help heat and cool your home most economically. In a matter of weeks, the Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule and programs itself, so you don’t have to worry with the stress of programing. If you teach it well, the Nest Thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%. Its Wi-Fi connection enables homeowners to control settings from any internet enabled smart device. When you register your device, you will get monthly energy usage reports sent to you directly to see how you compare with other homeowners in your city.

Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Get a great night of rest? Thanks to Philips new personal lighting system, Hue, now you can wake up well too. Rather than dealing with the hassle of an obtrusive alarm in the mornings, utilize the timer option and turn hue into your morning wake up call. The system allows you to set your lights to gradually brighten over time, waking you up in a much more soothing manner. You can even customize multiple bulbs to create a scene similar to the morning sunrise.

Philips's Hue Light Bulb combines energy-efficiency, wide-spectrum LED lighting and remote control capabilities through an iOS app into a neat little package. This package includes a powerful GUI-driven app to custom tune lighting in nearly any environment. Each tuned LED has the ability to output different colors, which allows Hue to mix shades to more accurately reproduce what Philips claims is a full spectrum of light. Atop of all these perks, the Hue system is energy efficient- lasting 15,000 hours per bulb.

Hue may not be the most innovative technology on this list, but the system is the most efficient in its market and the most sophisticated.


Inax Integrated toilet

If you have a hankering for a luxurious toilet experience, look no further. Inax, who's philosophy is designing smart, wants to make your restroom dreams a reality. They have utilized the freshest technology out there to make this sanitation fixture the best it can be. The Regio is their top of the line model and includes feature that are sure to please. The toilet uses silent stream technology to create a tranquil experience along with an automatically opening lid that will also play your favorite song as you relieve yourself.

These cozy potties employ deodorizers to drown out any unpleasantries and soft lights in the bowl for reasons we wont discuss here. To top it all off, this advanced seat features resilient front and rear cleansing nozzles that afford top notch hygienic cleansing.

Goji Smart Lock

The Goji smart lock will not only unlock when it senses your smartphone near by, but it also gives you a warm welcome when it greets you by name. Goji's Mobile App enables you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

In addition to these helpful amenities, the Goji lock has a built-in camera that takes pictures of all those who are at your front door so you can be sure not to answer when your annoying neighbor comes knocking. The lock connects to the home’s Wi-Fi connection and relays images and alerts to residents’ smartphones.

This lock keeps track of who opens it and when. You can drift to sleep and Goji will alert you when your kids get in at night so you can make sure they don’t stay out past curfew. Instead of giving the keys out to contractors or house keepers, you can also set the lock to open for other people's mobile phones for certain time periods to ensure maximum safety for your family.

And if you happen to lose or misplace your smart phone, you can easily cancel that particular phone’s access through utilizing the Goji website or their 24-hour call center.

Sleep Number x12 Bed

Sleep Number makes a bold claim that 8 million lives have been improved through the DualAir technology utilized in its Mattresses, and these claims seem to be trustworthy upon the release of its newest product, the Sleep Number x12 Bed. These guys prove that even mattress companies are earning ground in the smart tech market. The Sleep Number X12 bed tracks your sleeping habits, movement, heart rate and breathing rate with sensors, but it also responds to commands through a voice-activated remote. The larger sizes come with two sides that are independently adjustable so that is can make suggestions and adjustments based on your sleeping patterns.

The feature that stands out most is the Partner Snore feature that gently raises your partner's headrest to help ease snoring. This magnificent mattress also offers an under-the-bed light that keeps you from stumbling when you need a midnight snack or restroom break. Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, this bed may be worthy of the investment for those who have sleeping difficulties.

Netatmo June

The Netatmo June measures your exposure to the sun and sun intensity in real time. With June, you can discover when and how to protect from UV rays and premature skin aging because the app that partners with this bejeweled beauty gives tailor-fit sun protection advice based on your lifestyle and skin type. The UV index figure calculated through the braceleted stone helps to let you know when you should apply sunscreen, put on a hat or sunglasses, or a combination of all three when necessary. The app keeps a log that ensures you spend the appropriate amount of time in the sun, and notifies you when is it time for a break.

And if you aren’t into bracelets, June can be worn as a brooch. This jewel comes in three different varieties to match your fashion preferences.

The app connected to the bracelet has an attractive minimalistic style and is tailored to appeal to women with its light and pastel palette.