Are you one of the many who would love to grow a luscious garden but haven’t got the time or the green thumb to make it happen? With advances in technology, you can leave the back-breaking hard work to those who are into that sort of thing. Modern backyards can now be automated and hyper-efficient systems. With a little science and the help of modern technology, you can keep your yard well-ordered and pest-free with little exertion of time and energy. So this spring and summer plan to kick back and relax with a self-maintaining yard or garden after investing in a few of these unique technologies.


Husqvarna Automower (Source: www.gadgetguy.com.au )

1. Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarnahas released the Automower 230 ACX that will maintain your lawn while you relax in your hammock or prepare breakfast. This Automower robotic system moves around in random strokes and is able to distinguish between trimmed grass and longer blades that need attention, leaving you with a well-manicured yard. The robot’s sensors notify the device to avoid obstacles so you wont have to worry that the robot might end in the pool. When Automower needs more power, it makes its way back to the charging station and charges there on its own. And because the system is electrically powered, it produces no harmful emissions. It’s unique settings panel allows the mower to be personalized to fit a number of gardens and other preferences. It is equipped with a timer and a scheduling apparatus so you can decide if you want the Automower to mow the lawn around the clock or simply on a particular day and time of the week. The Automower is also equipped with a PIN code system as well as an anti-theft system so that you are responsible for who can and cannot use the system and is activated according to your preferences. And one of the best features of this hands-free system is that it is nearly silent as it discreetly cuts your grass.


Drone (Source: cyclingexperiences.com)

2. Automated Animal Deterrent

Imagine a tiny drone that arises from your vegetable garden to scare away hungry animals. The Garden Gnome Drone uses infrared motion detectors and a computer-vision navigation system on an Arduino microcontroller board to protect your plants. When a garden invader is spotted by the drone’s detectors, the drone flies toward the animal and keeps it at bay then gently returns to its recharging base base. Another way to keep your plants safe from raccoons and deer and all sorts of other pests is the ScareCrow motion-activated animal deterrent . It activates a shocking burst of water to deter pests as large as a bear to a tiny squirrel. The sudden noise and movement of water scare animals right away but do not harm them like other deterrents.


Sprinkler System (Source: www.redbeacon.com)


3. Intelligent Sprinkler System

The Cyber Rain Pro Controller with Cloud Technology is an excellent choice for the home owner who is concerned with conserving water and is too busy to keep a close eye on the system. Each time it waters your yard, the Cyber Rain Pro checks your current and controller status and sends you an email if it happens to detect a problem. With the flow meter function, the Cyber Rain Pro will also email you if you have a broken sprinkler head or a leak in your irrigation pipes. The most convenient part of this all is that the Cyber Rain Pro can be remotely accessed by your landscape professional so they can keep a close eye on your yard.

The economical Cyber Rain Pro Controller sprinkler system also connects to the web to check the weather and updates your lawn-hydration schedule accordingly.


Fizzy Farm (Source: inhabitat.com)

4. Hydroponic Gardens

If you are done with dirt or the weeds that take a toll on your garden, look no further! Neither dirt or weeds are part of the Fizzy Farm outdoor hydroponic system. The Fizzy Farm system is an aesthetically pleasing and simple to use hydroponic growing system that is designed to grow fruits and vegetables like lettuce, kale, basil, chives, strawberries and thyme.

With this simple to use hydroponic system you can eat healthier than before and know exactly where your food came from all at a much faster rate than traditional plants grown in soil. They also are super eco friendly in that they use 90% less water than traditionally grown plants.


Growerbot (Source: lukeiseman.com)

5. Socially Connected Gardening Assistant

Growerbot is a gardening assistant that socially connects you with other gardners. As your plant grow and mature, your friends connected to your Growbot network are notified with updates from your garden. This device is a network of probes that measures soil-moisture level, air temp and humidity, and sunlight and based on those measurements, regulates how much light and moisture the plants in your garden receive. So when a probe senses that the dirt in your plant bed is drying up, it will activate your irrigation system. The apparatus has a high-tech light sensor, a moisture probe, and temperature displays that monitor and communicate data to other users within your community. The creator knew that gardening can be both discouraging because of how hard it can be and also boring at times, so he combined the capacities of automation to to assist you in your gardening endeavors with social networking to keep you motivated as you maintain your lush garden.


Orbit Digital Timer (Source: www.walmart.com)

6. Digital Hose Timer

The Orbit digital timer is the perfect help for those with a busy schedule and a tight budget. The digital clock allows for your most specific watering settings and the manual dial keeps the programming simple. Set the timer and be on your way! With one device, you can control up to three watering ports. The 3-Port Digital Hose Tap Timer also has a convenient rain delay function that helps conserve water by delaying watering time in increments of 24, 48, or 72 hours. Once you get this guy home, simply set a start time, frequency, and duration in a matter of seconds, and you will be ready to roll!


plant examining glasses (Source: www.cleanairgardening.com)

7. Plant Examining Glasses

When you first think of gardening resources, I am sure NASA is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, NASA technology has developed these seemingly 90s inspired colored lenses that you can now purchase from Clean Air Gardening. The lenses block out green color reflected from chlorophyll in healthy turf and greenery which causes it to appear gray.

Because the human eye is especially sensitive to light in the green color range, any off-green colors that might be caused by disease, water, or pests will stand and will appear as red or pink. This allows you to easily identify problematic grass and plants in ways you couldn't do with the naked eye.


Hammock (Source: blog.wallcreations.com.au)

With these seven helps you are sure to have a lovely garden, free from worry and a summer filled with relaxation as you admire the hands-free nature of your luscious yard.