A Closer Look At Electronic Gear Drive Tote Bracket Mount mixers

A Closer Look At Electronic Gear Drive Tote Bracket Mount mixers

Designed to mix in IBC Totes, these powerful mixers have the power necessary to mix the heaviest duty applications. Slurries, high viscosity re-suspensions, or solids impartation, this mixer is designed for the most rugged tote mixing applications.

Baldor motors are standard on all of the TBMXXXEGD mixers. This ensures that your motor has the power and high quality winding that you expect from an agitator that you want to outlast your capital budget.

The high quality worm gearing at 7.5:1 ration guarantees that the torque needed for the application is delivered to the impellers. More torque allows you to use larger impellers, which in a square tote really helps you get flow into corners.

There are two adjustability features on the tote bracket mixer. The first is the ability to collapse the main support bars, adding structural integrity no matter which vessel you are using. The second feature is the two clamping handles, creating a tight grip to the container.

Remember, the tote bracket mixer is designed for use in any situation where a removable bridge mixer would function. The widths can be customized as well as the drive unit.

Folding impellers are the key to this agitator. They slip right through the 6” NPT in the top of the tote and open up with the use of centripetal force when the mixer is activated. They will create a mixed axial and radial flow in the container.

As with all of our mixers, if a customization is needed, Mixer Direct has a full service machine and fabrication shop in-house to adapt any of our mixers to your unique needs, sometimes without extending lead times. Contact us at sales@mixerdirect.com or by phone at 812-202-4047 to allow us to help meet your mixing needs.