A Year In Review: A letter From Our CEO And President

A Year In Review: A letter From Our CEO And President

A Year in Review: A Letter from Our CEO and President

Dear Friends-

Another year is drawing to a close; and we once again find ourselves planning for the future, but also reflecting on the events of 2015-- we hope that this year was one of joy and growth for you, and even more fulfilling than the ones that came before it. MXD Process has continued to be blessed with a humbling level of opportunity, and we have had the privilege this year of forming deep relationships with both new and old customers.

As we reflect, with think on who we are and who we want to be, both personally and as a company. A commitment to truthfulness and integrity is one of our fundamental business principles-- we firmly believe in being entirely honest in what we say and what we do, despite any potential consequences that might exist. Similarly; our company steadfastly considers people not as a means, but rather the ends by which we measure our success- a human being is not merely a source of revenue, but a unique and dignified individual that must be treated equally with respect and fairness to all.

MXD Process is also devoted to humbly providing the same high level of service to all companies, both big and small; sharing with our neighbors any help that we can provide. Consequently, we seek to make our expertise easily accessible; keeping the lines of communication open in order to deliver dedicated solutions for each customer. We are committed to the coupling of courage and wisdom to move forward; confidently pursuing growth and investment while refusing to abandon our ethics.

Doing business in this unique and inspiring way requires a power that is beyond our ability to muster. I am profoundly thankful for the encouragement of Christmas, where God provided, in the most unexpected way, a gift of Himself to transform us and free us. Transform us into people who can, in a greater way, fulfill these ideals and free us from condemnation when we fail to live up to them.

It is our hope that these things have all been clearly evident in the past year, and that they will continue into the future. Finally, we once again express our most sincere appreciation to our valued clients and associates; wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas season and a bright start to 2016.


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Photos by: Aaron Oneal and Andrew Cenci