Axial Mixing Impeller

If you’re looking for an axial mixing impeller, you probably don’t need someone to tell you what axial flow is (if someone just told you to look for axial flow impellers and didn’t tell you what they meant, you should check out this article on flow patterns to get up to speed on the lingo). What you probably want to know is what kind of axial flow mixing impellers we have here at Mixer Direct.

The first thing you should know is that all of our blades at Mixer Direct are designed for axial flow. The only impellers that we design specifically for radial flow are called “radial flow turbines” (convenient, right?). Some of our impellers produce a little bit of both axial and radial flows, like our propellers for example, but they primarily produce axial flow. With that being said, let’s talk about a few of our impellers.


The Hydrofoil

Our best selling axial flow blade is our hydrofoil. It creates a great amount of flow for low viscosity mixtures without taking a lot of horsepower to do so. The impeller has three blades at a steep angle that are great for general blending or storage tanks. We’ve also developed a new hydrofoil for side entry mixers that is a high efficiency flow impeller. 


We also have propellers that have an axial flow. Now, if you’re thinking “I’m looking for an impeller and you’re telling me about a propeller,” let me assure you that you are technically correct. The “propeller” that we sell isn’t really a propeller in terms of function. It simply is casted like a boat propeller and so that’s what we call it. It is still a left-handed blade that pumps downward when put on a shaft that rotates clockwise. Again, technically our "propeller" is still an impeller, but we call a propeller because of its rugged good looks.




Axial Flow Turbines

If you are looking for impellers that create more shear than flow we have our axial flow turbine. This turbine has four blades each at a 45-degree angle. Since shear requires more horsepower to produce than flow, so these turbines usually require a higher horsepower motor to work effectively. On these impellers, we leave a 90-degree edge on the blade for the mixture to move over in order to create a localized shear area. We usually make these blades out of 304 stainless steel, but we can also make them out of 316.  1-5-inch-axial-flow-turbine-w-3-8-inch-bore--002__lima15375__side-view_500x.jpg


Axial Flow Turbines RBW

The next kind of axial flow impeller we have is called an axial flow turbine RBW. Here the letters “RBW” stand for reduced blade width. When the blades of the turbine are skinnier, they take less energy to move. These kinds of turbines are great for creating axial flow in mixtures that have a high viscosity.


Axial Flow Turbine RBW

Those are our basic axial flow impellers. However, we are constantly striving to create the best mixer for our individual customers. So if you see something that you think might work, but you want it tweaked somewhat, just call one of our engineers and they let you know what we can do specifically for you.