Video Transcription 

Michael Meyers, the founder of Distillery 291, was a fashion and beauty photographer in New York for about 27 years and he and his family lived about a few blocks from the World Trade Center when the planes hit the towers on September 11, 2001. His family was evacuated from their building. They had to come and stay with their family here in Colorado Springs. Michael couldn’t be a fashion and beauty photographer here in the Springs as much as he could in New York so he decided a change in careers was in order. September 11, 2011, exactly 10 years to the day from the event that changed his life and so many other people’s lives is when he ran his first still run making 291 Whiskey.

My name is Eric Jett, I am a distiller here at Distillery 291. We’ve been a company for about 7.5 years. Since then we have been winning all kinds of awards. Recently we won World's Best Rye Whiskey at the World’s Whiskey Awards International Competition. We’ve won many Double Gold Awards at San Francisco International Spirits Competition. We've got 96 and 95 ratings from Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible. We're just making ourselves known in the whiskey world right now.

We found MXD Process through an online search. I think you guys were one of the firsts that popped up. We reached out to you guys. We’ve always been very DIY. We’ve had a very DIY mentality. We’re always trying to do new and different things and in doing that, you know, we don’t always have the expertise on how to solve for the equation we are trying to meet. We don’t know how to make that happen.

Tim Gunn has been our sales guy. He’s been our contact with MXD Process and he’s been super helpful. We go to him and we say, “Hey, this is how many gallons we have, this is the size tank.” His expertise has helped us. He comes back with, “Well, this is the right mixer for you. This is what you are going to need and what you are going to want.” So we had for example a mash tun, but we needed a good mixer to help mix our grain and we found a solution with MXD Process. We have a five horsepower mixer in our mash tun just to really get that grain mixed in there. I mean we’re doing about 1200 gallons of mash with that thing. It’s a beast. It does its job amazingly. Our stripping still, same kind of thing. We kind of assembled some stuff. We kind of frankensteined. It’s its own creation. There is no still like it. The mixer we have on our stripping still, it’s explosion proof. You know, dealing with alcohol fumes, were not worried about anything catching on fire and our distillery blow up because it’s well built and it’s light and it’s super quiet. You know, we really love our mixers. We actually have one on its way that’s being built for one of our fermenters. It should be here any week.

I would definitely recommend MXD Process to anybody else in the industry because it’s such a tight knit community, us distillers. We share, we recommend, and share ideas with each other all the time. And so, yea, MXD Process I would definitely recommend to other distillers.