Distillery Mixers

In 2003, the United States had 60 operating craft distillers. Fast forward 13 years to 2016. There are now 760+ U.S. distilleries in operation and around 200 more in process. It would not take much effort to realize that distillery mixers are now in high demand these days as the industry continues to expand at an incredible rate. Luckily, Mixer Direct offers a bevy of custom mixers to suit every convceivable application in the distilling industry. 

The Top Entry Flange Mount Mixer

One of the most popular distillery mixers that are purchased at Mixer Direct is the Top Entry Flange Mount Mixer.


Flange Mount Mixer Specs:

  • Flange Mount Sizes: 2" - 24"
  • Motor HP Options: 1-100 HP
  • Impellers Options: Low Shear and Medium Shear (304 SS, 316 SS, and Carbon Steel)

Mixer Direct flange mount mixers are a prime selection for mixing in sealed stainless steel tank and stills.  The flange mount ranges in size from 2” to 24” (150# class and 300# class). These reselient mounts cane be made from 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or painted carbon steel.  Mixing applications often come with unique needs and may require a pedestal mount in order to meet the necessary various configurations and including seal packages. 

Distillery Mixer Gallery

Check out some pictures of our mixers in action at distilleries across the United States.