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MXD Process is made up of three brands: Mixer Direct, Titan Tanks, and MXD Systems. All MXD Process operations are located in Louisville, Kentucky under one roof. This means that Mixer Direct mixers are manufactured alongside Titan Tanks (MXD Process’s stainless steel tanks brand) and MXD Systems (MXD’s systems brand). This enables us to design integrated systems that utilize components from all of the MXD Process brands to equip your unique process.


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Mixer Direct serves a wide variety of industries spanning across the globe. These include but are not limited to distillling, brewing, chemical, cosmetics, oil, gas, paint, food, beverage, waste water, pharmaceuticals, bio-diesel, agriculture, adhesives, and paper and pulp. Mixer Direct strives to provide a high level of expertise that is accessible to anyone with any need. Our selection of products is wide and ex- tremely diverse, which enables Mixer Direct to serve many different types of industries. From Fortune 500 corporations to young startups based out of a garage, Mixer Direct prides itself on our ability to provide companies both big and small with an equal amount of dedication and diligence. Our engineers are eager to help you identify and determine the needs within your industry. The sales team at Mixer Direct is available to answer any questions you might have about what we can do for you. You’ll learn that business with Mixer Direct can be summed up in one word- simple.


Mixer Direct specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of industrial mixing products for nearly every conceivable application. From startups in their infancy, to Fortune 500 companies, we provide customized solutions for applications both small and large for numerous industries around the world.


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Mixer Direct boasts over forty years of engineering experience, and has the mixing expertise for your industry. Our team is committed to providing accessible expertise, and our pre-engineering tools function as an ideal launchpad for customizing the right solution for your application. Additionally, our sales and engineering staff can provide you with a quote quickly.

Mixers, Impellers, and Accessories

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Mixer Direct is founded on the idea that you can size and select your own mixing equipment. Here you can sort through one of the largest lines of mixers, impellers, containers and accessories in the industry. Over 250 different mixer designs and over 1,000 products. We can even rapidly customize a mixer for you. Visit www. to search, buy, or get a quote. Mixer Direct is centered upon options, convenience, quality, and customer experience. With a wide selection of mixers and customization options, Mixer Direct offers all the capabilities necessary to complete a full process solution.