The Mixer Direct DP3 High Speed Disperser

If you need to disperse a product at a high rate of speed in a 55-gallon drum, the DP3 High Speed Disperser is the industrial mixer for the job. With great value and efficient design, the DP3 from Mixer Direct stands tall for a variety of different industry applications. This might include food and beverage products, coatings, cosmetics, and much more. If your product is below 15,000 cP (centipoise is a unit of measurement concerning a substance’s viscosity), the Mixer Direct DP3 High Speed Disperser has the power you need to get the job done by producing the appropriate final solution.

DP3 Customization

The DP3’s construction allows for unique customization for your process. Its belt drive can be customized for differing shaft RPMs and load balancing for easy air lift movement. Electric DP3's include a control button with an RPM readout. Explosion proof units include a control box with a speed control knob and start and stop functions. Other customizations options for the DP3 include lift heights, speed ranges, and container holders.


Air Lifts

The DP3’s air lift helps to simplify your process. The air lift allows the mixing shaft and dispersion blade to be easily moved in and out of the mixing container by way of a 3-way air valve. Reposition your dispersion blade is crucial when it comes to dispersing a product at a variety of viscosities.


The standard shaft size for the DP3 unit is 1.5” in diameter and is constructed from 316 stainless steel. All Mixer Direct shafts are precision ground and polished for the highest efficiency in mixing use. However, customized shaft length is always an option as well. Shaft length is determined by impeller size and type of application.

High Shear Dispersion Blades

As we have often stated on the Mixer Direct blog, mixing blade selection can make or break your process. For the DP3, the high shear dispersion blade is crucial to this unit. Why? A high-speed dispersion blade will rotate at high RPMs to make the quick impartation of solids at a fine grind possible. As your product makes contact with the high-speed dispersion blade and moves outward to flow over the teeth, it begins to breakdown masses in the product into gradually smaller fragments.

A variety of mixing blades may be necessary for some applications. The DP3 is designed to make the changing of mixing blades quick and easy for different applications, products, and chemistries. At Mixer Direct, you will find a spectrum of mixing blade options for various high shear levels for a variety of high viscosity materials.