What in the world does a mixing company have to do with bourbon? Well let me tell you. Mixer Direct designs and makes equipment for numerous distilleries in the United States, The UK, and abroad. We are at heart a liquid mixing company and have engineers who are well equipped and educated on the craft. Mixer Direct is also conveniently located on the bourbon trail in Louisville, Kentucky. Coincidentally, nearly 95% of Bourbon is exclusively made in Kentucky. The origins of bourbon are like a good mystery. Think Sherlock Holmes meets Pappy Van Winkle. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but sometimes the best things are better left mysterious. Some of you may hate bourbon, others tolerate it, and many love it. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of you who need to find a Christmas gift for that bourbon fanatic in your life.

The New Whiskey Wedge Glass



Merry Christmas (insert name here)! I thought I'd give you the gift of never having to sip watered down bourbon in the comfort of your own home again (Drops mic and walks out of room for egg nog refill). How is that for starters? The wedge glass launched itself into popularity just in time for the holidays. The vessel is a double old fashioned glass with the addition a removable silicon mold to put an ice shaped wedge that fits perfectly into the glass. The slanted ice simulates a glacier like effect that melts extremely slow. Take that global warming! Added benefits include the facts that the glass looks really cool and by default it increases the hipness level of the person holding it. You can find this gift for around $12-$15 here.

Vargo Titanium Flask



We are by no means suggesting you take your libations everywhere. However, this is a really nifty take on an old school item. There are two major problems with flasks, they are incredibly difficult to fill without spilling and the material used to make it adds unwanted flavor to your beverage. So if you would like that special someone to enjoy the taste of their choice spirit and not smell like the hiccuping town drunk after spilling everywhere, then this might do the trick. The Vargo flask has a pop out silicon funnel and is made of titanium to avoid those unnecessary flavor additions. You can find this gift here for $75.00.

Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate Bars


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If your financial status this Christmas can be summed up in the phrase "baller on a budget" then this gift idea may be the one for you. Lets talk about the best of both worlds: bourbon and chocolate. Selling the idea of chocolate may very well be easier than scoring a touchdown on the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Humor me? Meet the first chocolate bar to feature cocoa beans from Maya Mountain Cacao, Belize, aged in a bourbon cask. The bourbon aspect of this treat is is straight from Berkshire Mountain Distillery's Bourbon Barrels. The flavor is described as "strong caramel, vanilla, and oaky deliciousness". Did you hear that? Oaky deliciousness! Take it from Charles Schulz the American cartoonist icon, "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” You can find this here for around $7.95.

Dashfire Bitters

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The curiosity and world travels of Minnesota native Lee Egbert has led to mouthwatering success in Dashfire Cocktail bitters. Bourbon purists, don't turn your noses up at us. You know you've always wanted to make an Old Fashioned good enough for Don Draper himself. This unique line of flavors is a must have for those who enjoy venturing into drink creations and craft cocktails. We've even designed a few recipes ourselves! You can find these for around $15-20 here.

Caskers Whiskey Club Membership

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You know what's better than a fruit cake of the month club? Bourbon. Answers we would have accepted include: anything or bourbon. If you would call the recipient of your gift a bourbon explorer, enthusiast, or connoisseur then this might be your jackpot item. Welcome to the whiskey club. Caskers offers a bourbon of the month club that is sure to satisfy bourbon fans of any level. It's also a simple process too: select a club for the desired amount of bottles to be delivered quarterly then sip and enjoy. You can purchase this gift for around $149.99-$159.99 here.