Every year our culture is growing more concerned with how their favorite products came to be. Whether you are here to learn about how your favorite products are made or a business looking for the right tools to mix your product, you have come to the right place. If you were to ask the average person on the street and ask them, “What is a high speed disperser?”, it is likely that their response may be a blank stare followed by a few moments of awkward silence. The terminology in this field may be unfamiliar to you. Don’t be overwhelmed, we are here to help! Our simplified dictionary for mixer terminology can be found here: Mixer Terminology. Industrial mixing plays a vital role in helping companies produce the quality products you and I enjoy. Today we will learn about the most commonly used high shear mixer, the high speed disperser.

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What is a “High Speed Disperser”?

A high speed disperser is the most commonly used high shear mixer. A high speed disperser is a type of industrial mixer that utilizes a disc shaped blade that is mounted on the end of the mixing shaft. These blades and mixing shafts are available in various sizes. To achieve high speed dispersion, the disperser blade is rotated at an optimal speed to achieve the proper flow pattern and desired consistency in your mixing vessel. The right amount of dispersion will ultimately depend upon your mixing vessel size and the components you wish to mix. Your vessel can range in size from a beaker to stainless steel tank. Generally speaking, the high speed disperser is designed for performing liquid mixing operations in which it is necessary to reduce the pieces of one element or break apart a mass or group of particles. The majority of high speed dispersers work by employing counter-current mixing to subject differing materials to the right amount of force. The good news is that high speed dispersers are often available with variable speed mixing options that meet the needs for your desired application. This involves dispersion blades turning at the appropriate amount of RPMs to crush a liquid or solid batch.

High Speed Disperser Applications

High speed disperser are utilized in a variety of different industries and applications. They are most often used in the mixing processes for food, beverage, cosmetics, coatings, chemicals, inks, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. The high speed disperser is an invaluable tool in these industries because it can efficiently mix products and conjoin incompatible ingredients. So the next time you appreciate a texture, coloration, or flavor of a product in these industries, you can thank the high speed disperser.

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Two of the most popular items that require a high speed disperser are the ingredients in some of our favorite snacks. These include things like spreadable cheeses and salad dressings. The high speed disperser allows food manufacturers to produce a specific consistency in their product even when they may include a variety of ingredients. These ingredients may include spices, flavors, and food colorings.
In the ever growing industry of cosmetics and skincare a high speed disperser is often used to thoroughly break apart unwanted lumps of powder components and achieve a liquid substance to produce the right textures for consumers. This process allows a nearly innumerable amount of product lines that include items such as foundation, fragrances, color palates, and skincare products.


A consistent full mix is essential when it comes to industrial mixing in the pharmaceutical industry. High speed dispersers can be an invaluable tool when it comes to the mixing process of pharmaceuticals because cooking is often a part of the process when mixing pharmaceuticals. The correct use of a high speed disperser allows a full consistent mix that achieves the most desirable out come in the end product.

Where Can I Buy A High Speed Disperser?

Mixer Direct's line of High Shear Mixers are customized for each application. Our engineers have built systems to deliver high shear mixing in a beaker up to dispersers that process hundreds of gallons at a time. You can get a quote or more information here. If you would like to take a look at the different high speed dispersers we offer, you can find them here.