Customer Spotlight: Algal Scientific

The fast growing world of Algae boasts an unending list of fascinating functions that are taking the world by storm. Algal Scientific's expertise, research, and problem solving has caused this bright and growing company to rise to place of prominence in multiple markets. Their algae based products have brought welcomed solutions to applications in nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical applications, and wastewater treatment. Algal Scientific currently uses multiple Mixer Direct Tri-Clamp Mixers in their process. Watch the video below to hear to get an inside look at how Algal Scientific is changing the world with algae.


Video Transcription

Algal Scientific, Mixer Direct, 2015. 

My name is Bobby Levine. I’m the Chief Science Officer At Algal Scientific. Algal scientific has three divisions. We principally produce an animal feed product called algamune. Which we add to animal diets to replace antibiotics. Its an algae that we grow in fermenters that contains beta-glucan which helps promote a healthy immune system.

We have a human division where we produce the same algae but purify the beta-glucan and thats called our alga-glucan product and thats sold as a supplement. Then we have a waste water treatment division where we help companies like breweries who produce a large volume of waste water. We treat their wastewater onsite for a lower cost than if they would have to discharge it to the sewer.

I think what is unique about our process is that we ferment algae in the dark. Its very different than other algae companies that grow algae outdoors in sunlight. That allows us to have a lot of control over our production process to produce a very high-quality product at a very reasonable cost. Which means that we can sell it at large scale to folks in the animal feed industry in particular where the economics of animal feed is very tight and we need to have a very cost effective solution to help displace antibiotics and keep animals healthy.

Our algae contains beta glucan which is a polysaccharide that the body over thousands of years of evolution has learned to recognize as something that he immune system will respond to more strongly to. So, by feeding either a human or animal beta-glucan from a non-pathogenic source we can help the immune system stay strong in the face of other challenges such as other disease causing pathogens or stress. Algal Scientific is producing, you know, nutritional products that we feel strongly can remove antibiotics from animal feeds and keep both animals and humans healthy in a natural way.

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