How McClure's Pickles Is Delivering a Unique Experience to Everybody

Kettle cooked chips, bloody mary mix, relish, tapenade, spicy pickles, garlic dill pickles, and sweet and spicy pickles. Now that we have your full attention, let us introduce you to McClures Pickles. Born from the recipe of their great grandmother, Lala, the McClure brothers have gifted the world with some amazingly tasty items. It all started in a kitchen of humble size in Michigan and has speedily expanded into two operations in Brooklyn, New York (small marketing, sales and order management office) and Detroit, Michigan (manufacturing). You can also trust that we are not the only ones talking about this. In fact, Martha Stewart Living said, "It's rare to find a line of prepared foods in which every item is delicious. McClure's is one...". Don't miss out on an awesome addition to those summer bbq's this year, check out where you can find McClure's products at a store near you here

We are proud to have our friends at McClure's Pickles as customers. Watch our video interview with McClure's Pickles C.O.O, Joe McClure, below to learn how McClure's Pickles is delivering a unique experience to everybody.      

Video Transcription

I think the big thing we want people to know about McClures is, you know, we’re delivering a unique experience to everybody, a premium product for a fantastic price, and we want people to connect with our stories. We want everything from people to see the package, look at the package, touch the package, and say “that’s beautiful, that’s fantastic.” We want people to also taste the product that’s in there and say “wow, this is incredible. I’m going to come back for more.”

We started back in 2006, but the recipe starts back much further than that– it starts with my great grandmother back in about the 1900s. She’d make spicy pickles; as generations passed, she’d pass the recipe down to my grandmother, my mother and father. And then my mother and father finally taught it to me and my brother. So we’ve been making them since we were little kids, and we finally decided to make a company of them back in 2006.

If you look at our recipe, it’s pretty simple. You can look at the back of the jar. I think that’s what people love about it: we literally make it the same way we did when we were little kids growing up (except obviously we’re in a factory, there’s a little bit more standard operating procedures, and there’s a little bit more automation). Instead of hand-cutting the pickles, there’s a machine that cuts the pickles. We still hand-pack every single jar, though. We’re still using fresh garlic, we’re using fresh dill. Fresh cucumbers from local farmers whenever we can get them. Vinegar, salt, and water-- it’s really just straightforward basics, you know. Which is pretty cool, you know? ‘Cause you don’t hear about that too much anymore, right? Or… I think you’re hearing about it more now than you used to. ‘Cause before it was about, “let’s just make this stuff last forever; put the sodium benzoates in it, potassium sorbates, cook the hell out of it, almost make it neon green, and then deliver it to people.” Well, that’s not what people want anymore, you know what I mean? They want something fresh, they want something great, they want something quality stuff.

My name is Joe McClures: I’m COO of McClures. We make pickles, relish, Bloody Marys, beverages. We’re a one-stop-shop essentially for all your party needs.