"Color that's made to order" is the motto of Prism Corporation in St. Paul Minnesota. Prism Corporation is impacting the pigments industry by brining top notch pigments, landscape enhancements, and rinse water solutions to an expanding customer base around the country. Prism has built it's foundation upon a deep focus on excellent customer service for over 20 years.  Watch the video below to take an inside look at Prism's leadership team and facilities. 

Terry Fenelon: So I’m Terry Fenelon, CEO President here at Prism Corporation in St. Paul. We’re a nimble yet not-small company here in St. Paul: Midwest-based with Midwest values.

Lynn Bakken: My name is Lynn Bakken I’m the operations manager here at Prism Corporation. We are a pigment company, and we make colorants for a couple different industries-- one the concrete industry, and second the mulch industry. We’re a little bit different than some of the other colorant companies out there in that we can match any color that there is out there. Our lab people are chemists; they’re just brilliant.

Terry: Our motto is “color that’s made to order,” so rather than sell people color that we make well, we sell color that they need quickly and in a unique package and a unique performance. We make more color for divot sand (for golf courses) than anybody in the country. And our landscape products that color mulch, as an example, are very green: we utilize recycled products that would have otherwise gone into landfills. We make pigments out of those to make brown mulch color for consumers.

Lynn: At Prism our customers are the reason that we’re here, and-- you know-- we would not even exist without them. They obviously come first; we do everything that we can to make them happy, keep them happy. Many of our customers that we have have been around from the very beginning, and that’s a great thing.

Terry: We would welcome anybody to check out our website-- learn more about us, and give us a call.