How to Make the "Lady in Blue Cocktail"

Video Transcript

So this is the Lady In Blue cocktail. This cocktail is inspired by a ghost story in the hotel. A lady passed away in an elevator shaft when she fell. She realized her husband was killed in a car accident on his way to the hotel, there's a lot more detail to it but at the end of the day she flung her self down an elevator shaft and was found the next day in the elevator shaft.

What ends up happening is that there started to be reports of a lady with long brown hair wearing a blue dress roaming the halls and kind of doing things like passing through doors and such. Even in this room someone was setting up brunch and he was carving some meat when he looked over to the elevator and he saw a lady wearing a long blue dress with brown hair pass through the elevator doors. He reported it and a lot of buzz happened. Some researched happened and some old news paper files were pulled up and it was discovered that the lady's name was discovered and they didn't know this at the time but the lady was wearing a blue dress and had long brown hair. So the lady in blue is an attraction during Halloween seasons when people come and do ghost stories at the hotel. And so it's a no brainer to have a cocktail named in tribute to her so she'll leave us alone.

So here we go. It gets an ounce and a half of gin. And this is inspired from a classic cocktail called a white lady. And a white lady is gin, Cointreau (which is an orange liquor), some lemon juice, and it's shaken up with a little addition of some simple syrup. And it's just a very good cocktail and falls into the category of a Lilly cocktail.

So, ounce and half of gin, one ounce of lemon, i'm going to add half an ounce of simple syrup, i've got this nice little flavoring agent called orange blossom water. You don't want to use a lot, it's similar to extract so a little will go a long way. I'm just going to use a bar spoon. I'm going to add a little dash of falernum to give it a little spice. The reason why I use the orange flower water, which isn't in the original recipe, is because I wanted the lady in blue to have a floral lady likeness to it.

Hit it with some ice and because this has citrus in it your going to want to shake it as opposed to stir it, wakes up the flavors. And what you'll notice is that I didn't add the orange liquor yet, it comes at the very final touch. And its a technique called layering and its going to come at the end but not in the way you would expect.

So the cocktail as it is has a certain kind of viscosity, it's a lot lighter than blue curacao. Blue curacao is an orange liquor with a neon blue color. So what I do here since it is thicker in viscosity, it sinks right to the bottom. It hangs out at the bottom just like that, and when you stir it it haunts the rest of the drink. It gets some orange zest so you get a good orange essence. And there you have your lady in blue.