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To quote Ernest Hemingway, "“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?” Most of us love sleep. On the down side, falling asleep at work will more than likely get you canned faster than it takes for those second set of z's to exhale from your mouth. Depending on the level of excitement at your job, staying awake and alert is not as easy as it sounds. If you are under the age of 30 and can get to sleep before 10 pm, you are going places. For the rest of us humans, good restful sleep is hard to come by. If you happen to have children, multiply the loss of sleep by 186 (trust me I'm a Dad). At Mixer Direct, we think its important that your customers and coworkers are able to distinguish you between a knowledgeable, alert employee, and an extra on the set of popular zomie show. We want to help you keep your job. Whether you are a toll booth operator in North Dakota or a professional water slide tester, here are a few practical ways to practice wakefulness.

Drink Coffee


Coffee is at the top of our list. Yes, our local coffee shop employees may know most of us on a first name basis and rightly so (we've been known to crush a 5 lb. bag of coffee every week or so.) If you aren't a coffee drinker, here are a few reasons you should start. Some scientists beleive healthy amounts of caffeine may help your brain function better cognitively, help strengthen memory, and assist in completing tasks (the science behind this). It also would not be out of line to call it liquid joy. Coffee is thought to bring about a sense of well being or what some would call happiness. Besides the remarkable amount of helpful antioxidants, coffee is a very sociable drink. In our experience at Mixer Direct, we often hang out by the coffee pot and talk before we start work which helps with severe cases of the Mondays and a general lack of alertness.

Move Around



Take a minute or two and take a short walk to a restroom or to a different department at work. Splashing a little bit of cold water on your face can actually work wonders too. You can also snag a drink of cold water and stay well hydrated. This can curb feeling drowsy among the other effects that stem from dehydration. Occasionally at our office, employees will take a short break and walk out to the warehouse or our sales and engineering department and talk to another employee for a short while (were talking 2-3 minutes tops). Lastly, if time and location allows, step outside and breathe some fresh air.

Improve Your Audio Visual Approach


Stimulating your senses can really help with staying awake and alert. Having a well lit work space is incredibly helpful. I personally prefer to work in window light or take the occasional walk to look out a window. As far as audio is concerned, everyone has their preferred music tastes. Some would suggest something upbeat and others tend to be stimulated by classical works and or movie soundtracks. In my experience, working while listening to music without words is incredibly helpful in focusing as well as not being lulled to sleep. A good place to start listening to instrumental music is Explosions In The Sky or Tycho. Lest we not forget, there's always rock and roll. I mean seriously, what can't rock n roll do?

What Are Some Of The Ways You Stay Awake At Work?