So you’re looking for an IBC Mixer? Great. But then you get on our website and you don’t see anything labeled “IBC Mixer.” What’s the deal?

What Is an IBC?

First, for those of you who aren’t in the mixing or chemical industry, an IBC is short for “intermediate bulk container.” Essentially it is a medium sized plastic container (usually around 275 gallons) that is in a metal basket. Some are used just once, and some are mutli-use. The reason people started using them is that cubs can be stacked better than barrels in transport and less space is wasted in between the containers.


So know you have the material you want to mix in an IBC and it gets to your warehouse or factory and you want to mix it. But you can’t find any IBC mixers on our website. Well, before you give up, type in “IBC” into our search bar. What you’ll see come up is a “tote-mount bracket mixer.

What we recommend for IBC mixing is the tote-mount. The tote mount expands and then clamps onto the metal frame of the IBC. When you are done with that IBC, the tote bracket expands, and you can move it on to your next container.

industrial mixers.jpg

Perhaps a Bung Mount Mixer

Now, for those in the mixing world that were thinking, “Duh, I know that. Just show me where to find it on your site,” I’d like to take a moment to perhaps give you a new idea. If you are going to be using that one mixer to mixer in several different IBCs, you might want to consider a more portable mixer. Totes are great, but they can get heavy if you have to move them a lot.

So if you are going to be moving your mixer a bit and you want something a little lighter, you should consider a bung mount mixer. Bung mounts are traditionally used for fifty-five gallon drums. However, if you need something a little lighter, you might consider a bung mount mixer.

bung mixer.jpg

Folding Impellers

Finally, if this is your first go at IBC mixing, and you’re planning on using the IBC more than once, you’re going to want a folding impeller. A folding impeller is just what it sounds like. It is an impeller that folds up. What this allows is for you to put the impeller and the mixing shaft through the hole in the top of the container rather than having to cut a bigger hole for a normal sized impeller. You can check out our folding impellers here.

 folding impellers.png

If you have any other questions about IBC mixing or mixing in general you can call one of our sales engineers at 812-202-4047 or you can check out our e-book Mixer Basics.