Industrial Mixers In Real Life

Take a look around the room or space you're reading this blog in. There is an incredibly high probability that there is something in that room that came to be due to industrial mixing. When we talk about the plethora of industries we are involved in, hypotheticals can be difficult to imagine sometimes. We want our industrial mixers to be relevant to real life. The best way we could communicate this was to share what products are currently being made as a result of the use of a Mixer Direct Mixer. Take a look at these food products and see if you recognize anything we have played a role in making.

Hope Hummus

hope hummus

In Louisville, Colorado, Hope Foods is producing addictingly delicious products. These products include hummus, superfood dips, and chocolate. Hope Foods uses our High Torque MP3 Electric Mixers to create their 8 different recipes of high-quality organic hummus. You should be able to locate all Hope Hummus flavors at your local Whole Foods Market, but get ready to experience a snack you won't be able to put down.

Kozliks Mustard

kozliks mustard

Kozlik's has been making incredible Canadian Mustard since 1948. When you purchase Kozlik's Canadian Mustard, you will find quality ingredients that make the most delicious mustard possible. We are proud to play a part of Kozlik's mustard-making tradition. Kozlik's uses the Mixer Direct DP3 High Speed Disperser to craft their mustards with 100% Canadian mustard seed and many other local ingredients. You can locate Kozlik's products here.

El Vanado Marinade

el vanado marinade

El Vanado Foods manufactures and distributes high-quality marinades, spices, peppers and more. This company based in Houston, Texas utilizes the Mixer Direct Top Entry Flange Mount Mixer to make their falvorful marinades. You can locate El Vanado Food products at El Michoacana Meat Markets, Supermarket Savings, and most supermarkets in the spice section. Keep an eye out as they launch an online store soon.

McClure's Pickles

mcclures pickles

McClure's Pickles was born from rich family traditions in Detroit, Michigan. We are incredibly excited to have McClure's Pickles as a customer. This talented company makes a wide range of products that include pickles, relish, chips, tapenade, brine, and bloody mary mix. McClure's Pickles utilizes the Mixer Direct Flange Mount Mixer to craft some of their uniquely delicious products. Find McClure's Pickles products here.

Tops Bar-B-Q

Tops Bar-B-Q_large_image

Have you visited one of the 15 Tops Bar-B-Q locations in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Arkansas? If you ordered the cole slaw or anything with Tops Bar-B-Q Sauce, then you have encountered a product made by Mixer Direct Mixers. Tops uses our Mixer Direct Plate Mount Mixer to make their coleslaw and bbq sauce. Locate a Tops Bar-B-Q location near you here.