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You can now find robust and innovative liquid mixing solutions for every conceivable application directly. As a company, we pride ourselves on speed of service, no middlemen, and the ability to buy easily online. One easy way to access these solutions is to download our free digital catalog below.

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Mixer Direct has one of the largest lines of mixing equipment in the industrial mixing industry. Our wide variety of products feature over 250 mixer designs and more than 1,000 product SKU’s to provide your entire process with the right solutions all in one place. In our digital catalog, you will see a traditional listing of the products we offer along with their SKU’s and pricing. These products are also available on the Mixer Direct website as well. However, we realize that sometimes a catalog cannot sufficiently answer all your questions. If additional assistance is needed, we recommend you speak to our expert sales and engineering team by chatting live on our website, filling out a contact form, or by giving us a call. Our accessible expertise will offer help in selecting the right products to customizing them to your unique specifications.

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In our free Mixer Direct catalog, you do not have to worry about confusing language and diagrams. Our industrial mixing catalog provides easily navigated charts and icons displaying where to start and a wide variety product offerings. Take a look at some examples of frequently asked questions that are answered in our digital catalog.

What horsepower do I need for an industrial mixer?

Answering questions surrounding horsepower for liquid mixing applications can be confusing. At Mixer Direct, we want it to be simple. In our digital catalog you will find a helpful chart depicting a list of common materials (gasoline, water, pain, glucose, glass, honey, etc. and more) and their viscosity in centipoise, the applicable tank volume in gallons, the corresponding horsepower necessary, and the requirements of a direct drive versus gear drive.

What kind of mounts does Mixer Direct’s digital catalog offer?

Choose from a wide spectrum of mixer mounts including: flange mount, plate mount, economy clamp mount, heavy duty clamp mount, bung mount, tote bracket mount, drum lid mount, 5 gallon pail mount, and rod mounts.

What accessories do I need for an industrial mixer?

Selecting accessories to perfectly compliment your liquid mixing equipment is a crucial part of the process. Each application requires particular accessories. This is where customization comes into play. Luckily, at Mixer Direct we offer accessible expertise when choosing these items. Accessory choices might include: lift stands, lab accessories, shafts, mixing blades, stainless steel tanks, and more. Our accessories are clearly labeled with corresponding part numbers, name, relevant specs (diameter, height, capacity etc.), and price.

What kind of mixer lift stand do I need for an industrial mixer?

Hands off operation is an invaluable convenience when it comes to your liquid mixing process. With the right stand, your mixing equipment can be optimized to easily move in and out of a mixing container with the simple flip of a switch. These options are available in our digital catalog for both stationary and portable stands with an air, electric, or winch lift.

How do I choose a mixing container?

All of our stainless steel tanks are completely customizable and fabricated to order. Rather than having to wait 12-14 weeks for your stainless steel mixing tank, try our faster lead times. Our pre-engineering process can get your tank delivered in less than half the time of our competitors. The process of getting a tank is simple: submit your specs, allow us to help you design your tank, approve your tank drawing, sign it, and away we go! Customization is not a problem when it comes to choosing a mixing tank. Options include a 316SS construction and #4 polish, to mixer brackets, custom fittings, supports, dimple jackets, level gauges, and more.