Wine History

Few beverages have enjoyed the type of primordial history and prestige as much as wine. A drink of choice for thousands of years; people from even the most ancient civilizations discovered that the careful fermentation of grape juice resulted in a libation bursting with a complexity of flavor and undertones, and a splendid experience for the palate. History indicates that wine was first introduced as early as the fifth century B.C. in Mesopotamia. Later, deceased Egyptian pharaohs were often buried with their most beloved wines from their cellar; just to be prepared for the possibility of entertaining guests in the afterlife.

Changes In Wine Making

It is almost undeniable that significant changes will occur that alter the nature of products that have been enjoyed since the distant past. It will spread around to other cultures, and each one will tweak it to fit their own tastes. Wine has certainly experienced changes in the thousands of year since its inception. As with nearly any item that has deep roots within the culture of the upper-class; there has been an increasing demand for an option that is easily accessible and affordable to the rest of society.

Industrial Mixing In The Wine Industry

It should be noted, that blaming mass-produced wine as the culprit for every type of recurring issue that plagues the wine making industry today is neither fair nor accurate. As an industry grows, it is unavoidable that some aspects of its tradition will disappear in some circles within the market. The problem evident here is not that wine has gained popularity across a wide variety of socioeconomic classes. Every person from every background is equally deserving of enjoying a superb glass of wine and taking note of the unique undertones and discreet notes that define the product’s quality. Rather than pit quantity over quality, At MXD Process we want to assist companies that mass-produce a beverage or are smaller scale wine producers by giving access to industrial mixing equipment and engineering expertise to ensure both quantity and quality. We seek to provide our clients with the proper equipment to ensure a high level of quality in every phase of the manufacturing process.