Would your industry suffer without industrial mixing? For many growing and thriving industries, industrial mixing equipment is nothing short of a necessity. Why is it a necessity? When a problem is presented in your process, a solution must follow to succeed. Process equipment, such as industrial mixers, unabashedly solve problems in processes.

Many industries would cease to exist without careful attention to the purchase and proper use of mixing equipment. Understanding and experience is a necessity when it comes to researching and selecting mixing equipment. However, businesses often struggle because there is no easy access to expertise for process equipment directly related to a company's industry. At Mixer Direct, we want to serve our customers well by providing accessible expertise. Our aim is to leave no one wondering what type of sectors we specialize and serve in. If you have been in search of a company with a simple pathway for experienced innovative engineering in your industry, you came to the right place. As you read below, you will see a brief overview of some of the major sectors we serve and are able to offer our expertise in.

The Major Sectors Mixer Direct Serves


The adhesives and sealants industries offer a wide variety of products to an innumerable amount of sectors. Finding the right mixing equipment for the unique viscosities of your adhesives or sealants can be a challenge. Mixer direct can offer the right options to fit your materials and overall process. From top or side entry mixers to high-speed dispersers, we can engineer the right solution.


Agriculture is crucial to our planet. With engineering expertise, Mixer Direct can offer effective and efficient mixing solutions for the agriculture industry. This includes applications such as irrigation, bulk storage, animal nutrition, biofuels, algae, medicine, and more.


We are confident that our team's industry knowledge and expertise in waste water will be a helpful asset to help your process move forward with confidence. Our mixing equipment is a great fit for purifying soiled water, converting waste water into clean energy, the storage of contaminated water, and more. Your company can rest assured that our equipment meets regulation standards to supply waste water treatment facilities with the top equipment to suit any mixing need.


One of the top concerns to address in the oil and gas industry is safety. The refining of crude oil and processing of chemicals requires experience and understanding to develop the correct and safe solutions. Our sales engineers are adequately equipped to offer both safe and efficient solutions. Mixer Direct offers an extensive line of explosion proof mixers, magnetic mixers, and agitators for reactors and pressure vessels in the oil and gas industries. With UL 142 certification to build in potentially explosive environments, we can build industrial mixers and pressure tanks to meet the strict standards of this industry. Our in-house engineering also allows easy access to industry expertise with fast lead times.


Sanitary mixing in the cosmetic industry is a top priority. We fully understand that cross-contamination is of great concern to our customers in the cosmetics industry. To alleviate this concern we manufacture quality agitators that meet the required specifications for truly sanitary mixing. We also specialize in fully sealed sanitary mixing environments (stainless steel tanks and mixers) and offer high-quality seals and polishes (mirror finishes, electropolish, and more) to ensure success in your mixing process.


Mixer Direct is no stranger to chemical processing. With a lengthy history in the chemical industry, our team is fully capable of assisting your business in anything chemical, from testing a new process to a new chemical plant build. Chemical processing presents unique challenges that require industry knowledge and understanding. When purchasing industrial mixing equipment from Mixer Direct for the chemical industry, you can expect our team to know your materials and how they work together. Mixer Direct's precise engineering coupled with expertise and understanding of the chemical industry will deliver both a safe and efficient product for your process.


Mixing systems for inks, coatings, & paints industry calls for a host of options to meet the required specifications. These options can include customized lids, mounts, seals, and tank finishes. Our engineers are experienced and prepared to help our customers design a mixing system that rightly fits the application.


The food and beverage industry is a major contributor to the U.S. economy and is constantly growing. To meet the growing needs of this industry, Mixer Direct offers a variety of mixing and processing equipment for food and beverage processes. Meeting sanitation requirements are vital to mixing equipment in this industry. Our experienced team is able to innovate the right sanitary mixing agitators to ensure a highly efficient process.


Mixer Direct offers innovative customization with the utmost concern for a clean and sanitary mixing environment for the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries. Process equipment in the medical/healthcare industry are required to comply with ironclad specifications to ensure an accurate and sanitary mixing environment. Our expertise in developing safe and clean process equipment to overcome mixing challenges in the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry are just one of the ways we can serve your company in this industry.


Industrial mixing is an important part of the process for the pulp and paper sector. At Mixer Direct, we can offer highly efficient mixing equipment with the right combination of controls, mixers, and tanks to ensure a high-quality process. Our expert engineers will help deliver the best mixing options to suit your specific process.


For a highly efficient process in the brewing and distilling industry, an industrial mixer must be involved. Mixer Direct offers accessible expertise and understanding of the viscous materials involved in brewing and distilling. From single mash tank mixers to entire distillery and brewery build outs, we have the right industrial mixing equipment for your process.


Biodiesel and ethanol are two of the most well-known biofuels in production on our planet. From first to fourth generation biofuels, Mixer Direct can provide highly efficient and economical industrial mixing options. Our experienced team of engineers are here to help customize industrial mixers, stainless steel tanks, and full systems with complete automation to help you simplify your biodiesel and ethanol processes.