Lab Stirrers

At Mixer direct we offer lab stirrers to suit a variety of applications for the laboratory setting and more. The lab stirrer is designed to mix volumes ranging from 1 to 50 gallons. Industry applications for a lab stirrer might include a variety of laboratory settings, chemicals, cosmetics, food, coatings, and many more. Innovative equipment like the lab stirrer is an essential addition for modern lab technology. The use of the lab stirrer is a great convenience when it comes to research and development, clinical research, education labs, and a wide variety of other uses. This is largely due to the fact that our lab stirrer is designed and built to be easily operated with a resilient ability to handle continuous usage. Most labs require a compact design for their lab stirrers. Other benefits of lab stirrers include the ability to be easily fit into smaller spaces and can be moved with ease between labs or classrooms.

Electric Stirrer

Electric stirrers are innovatively designed with an electric motor for a laboratory environment and applications in mind. They are equipped with variable speed drives with electronic transmissions, a digital display, and controls. Electric stirrers are fully capable of being customized to be the right fit for nearly every conceivable lab application, space, and environment. The electric stirrer provides efficiency with integrated timers, transmissions, and lights. When joined with a stand, shaft, and lab impeller your lab will have a fully functional mixing system for your lab or desired environment.

Air Stirrer

Air stirrers are equipped and designed for precision and control in your laboratory or chosen mixing environment. It can be easily attached to a lab stand which in turn provides precise control over your desired process. The air stirrer is ideally designed for most conceivable forms of small batch mixing and lab operations.

Air Driven Lab Mixer Packages

Mixer Direct’s Air Driven Lab Packages consist of an air motor, mixing stand, coupling, 3/8 shaft, 2” propeller, and chain clamp. With a compact and mobile design, the air driven lab mixer is a great choice for clinical research, research and development, and education labs. The air driven lab mixer package is amazingly convenient and full of benefits. With an economical speed control and lab package, test mixing in a lab or small batch setting is made easy. To customize your laboratory mixing experience, we offer impellers that are designed to scale to full size blades to provide seamless transitions from testing to full scale production.

Electric Driven Lab Mixer Packages

Mixer Direct’s Electric Driven Lab Packages have been engineered and designed with the purpose of being quiet, dependable continuous usage, and maintenance free. These lab packages have a variety of different options. Including: 100-240 volts, high performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motors, high torque, reversing, timed stirring, high speed, and all purpose use. All of these electric driven lab packages are capable of functioning at different RPMs and are able to efficiently handle varying levels of viscosity. With wide international use, these lab stirrers have the option of european plug ends and manuals in four different languages (English, German, Spanish, and French). These lines of lab stirrers are versatile and maximize productivity. To customize your laboratory mixing experience, we offer impellers that are designed to scale to full size blades to provide seamless transitions from testing to full scale production.

Where To Find A Lab Stirrer

At Mixer Direct, we want to simplify the time consuming task of finding the right lab stirrer for your application. We can help customize the right lab package for you with a quick turn around time. Contact us at (812) 202-4047 or contact usthrough the website and we will respond the same day.