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As of March 2015, Mixer Direct is now a brand of MXD Process. Although the company has maintained its same ownership and staff, Mixer Direct has recently chosen to rebrand itself as Mixer Direct, Titan Tanks (Stainless Steel Tanks), and MXD Systems under the parent company, MXD Process. MXD Process exists to unlock Earth's resources through process engineering and equipment. MXD Process is a supplier and manufacturer for the entirety of a process. Whether you are searching for ways to improve your process, figure out your application demands, or just get a product in your hands, MXD process and it's three brands are here to help. We keep it simple yet effective. MXD Process can help you build and design turnkey mixing systems designed to your exact specs including tanks, mixers, and fully automated integrated skid systems, or entire plant build outs. Learn more about our brands below.

Titan Tanks

Titan Tanks

Titan Tanks is a stainless steel tank manufacturing brand from MXD process. At Titan tanks we are committed to accessible expertise, individual design, and generous service. With engineering expertise, a wealth of industry knowledge, and a host of capabilities, we can help you find the right stainless steel tank for your vessel processing, heating, pressure, and storage. Titan Tanks serves a multitude of industries including, but not limited to, coatings, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, brewing, distilling, biofuels, adhesives, and agriculture to name a few. We pride ourselves on developing a large quanity of capabilities. Some of our capabilities include heating and cooling, a variety of mountings and fittings, full integration with mixers and controls for entire process systems, and both UL 142 and ASME Certification.


At TitanTanks you can build a stainless steel tank online and get a quote instantly. With our Tank Builder Tool you can learn how to quickly custom design your own tank and get a quote. In the stainless steel tank industry, we recognize one size does not fit all. Processes are intricate and unique. This is why your specs and needs will be met when you develop and purchase your stainless steel tanks.

Mixer Direct

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Mixer Direct is a leading supplier of industrial mixing equipment and manufacturing brand from MXD Process. Currently Mixer Direct offers 270+ different models of mixing equipment for a variety of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to chemicals, biofuels, mining, cosmetics, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, brewing, distilling, biofuels, adhesives, and agriculture. Our Industrial mixers are incredibly customizable with a wide range of impellers, shafts, motors, fittings, couplers, and stands.

November SLR Content-10At Mixer Direct, we strive for the highest quality and efficient delivery. When purchasing mixing equipment at Mixer Direct, you will quickly find that doing business with us is simple. We are hear to help find the right mixer to meet your application's demands. Other major benefits you will discover in doing business with Mixer Direct are options, convenience, quality, and a great customer experience. We make it our priority to get your mixer to you as fast as possible, while ensuring top notch quality, and your complete satisfaction.

MXD Systems

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.37.05 PMMXD systems is the engineering and process systems controls manufacturing brand from MXD Process. MXD systems specializes in designing and building process automation and batch control systems. Doing business with MXD Systems is convenient and efficiently includes our engineering and manufacturing under one roof. MXD systems serves a variety of industries including, but are not limited to chemicals, food, beverage, ethanol, bio diesel, oil, gas, inks, coatings, paint, pharmaceuticals, waste water, pulp, and paper.

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The capabilities at MXD Systems are seemingly endless. They include process system engineering and fabrication, specialized materials, controls technology, heating and cooling, UL 142 and ASME certifications, control panels, automation, and agitation expertise. With these capabilities we have built everything from small scale skid systems to entire plant process build outs.