Once you have your impeller, motor, and shaft you’ll need to mount the mixer to the container or set up a stand where you can lower the mixer in and out of different containers.

With mounted mixers, you can mount the mixer to different containers and then move it to other containers as necessary. This might be helpful if you have a lot of containers that are really heavy and you don’t want to move them.

You can mount mixers to different containers using drums mounts, bung mounts, tote mounts, clamp mounts, flange mounts, plate mounts, and pail mounts. The easiest way to understand how they work is to look at them.

Drum Lid Mount

This is a drum lid mount for a 55 gallon drum. The mixer is attached to the plate and you set the plate on top of the open drum.

 Bung Mount  

This is a bung mount mixer. For this type of mixer you leave the lid on your 55 gallon drum or other container. The folding propellors used for a bung mount mixer fold up to go through the bung hole and then unfold once the mixer is started.

Tote Mount

This is a tote bracket mounted mixer. The bracket you see expands and then clamps onto the outer edges of the container you are mixing in.

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 Clamp Mount 

This is a clamp mount mixer. It simply clamps on to the side of the container using a vice.


 Flange Mount


This is a flange mount. For those of you who have large tanks, you can attach this flange mount directly to the flange. This kind of mount usually requires a seal between the mount and the tank.

Plate Mount 

This is a plate mount mixer. Usually, this kind of mount is bolted to two c-channels. However, it can attach directly to anything that accommodates the plate.

Pail Mount  

Finally, we have the pail mount mixer. The pail mount can attach to any five gallon pail.


If the containers you are mixing in are mobile, then it might be easier to bring the containers to the mixer rather than have to lug the mixer all over the place. In that case we have different stands you can put the mixer on. We have airlifts, electric lifts, winch lifts, and manual lifts. The name of the lift describes the power that is used to operate the lift the mixer is on. You simply set your container on the stand and drop the mixer down into it using the lift.

Now that you know what kind of impeller, motor, shaft, and stand you need, you have everything you need to order a mixer! Or if you still feel a little nervous, you can call one of sales engineers and they can answer any of the other questions that you might have.