The Sanitary Tri-Clamp Mixer Overview

The Mixer Direct tri-clamp line is one of the most unique designs in the market. With a unique low profile design, this distinctive three tier tri-clamp mixer line includes the industrial grade tri-clamp mixer, the sanitary tri-clamp mixer, and the pharma-grade tri-clamp mixer. Each line was purposefully constructed for less surface area to clean and decreased levels of stress on tanks lids. All three lines are equipped for a broadspectrum of sanitary applications encompassing a variety of industries with varying levels of sanitary requirements. These industries include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, food, beverage and more. Mixer Direct’s tri-clamp line is best suited for sanitary applications consisting of 1000 gallons or less. Installation of the tri-clamp mixer is made simple due to its lightweight construction, 2, 3, 4, and 6” tri-clamp mount fitting, and low profile design that frees up space on tank heads. The tri-clamp mixer is also delivered with an optional validation package outlining all necessary and relevant certifications (FDA, materials, etc.)

Industrial Grade Tri-Clamp Mixer


The Mixer Direct industrial grade tri-clamp mixer line is designed and equipped for sanitary applications primarily related to the beverage, brewing, biotechnology, chemical, distilling, and food industries. This entry level tri-clamp line is made for non-washdown sanitary applications of 1000 gallons or less. Mixer Direct has tailored this line for affordability in applications requiring cleanability.

Sanitary Washdown Tri-Clamp Mixer


The Mixer Direct sanitary tri-clamp mixer line is built for sanitary applications requiring a wash down design. This line is constructed for food, various beverage and pharmaceutical applications, and any application requiring a high degree of cleanability. The sanitary triclamp ensures suitability for sanitary requirements that would necessitate a full wash down of the equipment. This white wash down construct protects against most types of chemicals, moisture or humidity related corrosion, and other washdown processes taking place in the vicinity where overspray might occur.

Pharma-Grade Tri-Clamp Mixer


The Mixer Direct pharma grade tri-clamp is designed and built in accordance with ASME BPE standards for the highest levels of sanitary service. This unit contains no paintable surfaces; eliminating every chance of contamination. Selecting a Mixer Direct pharma grade tri-clamp mixer ensures easy installation, validation of all necessary and relevant certifications, and CIP cleanability for the most stringent sanitary applications. Installation of this unit is made simple due to its lightweight design, tri-clamp mount fitting, and instinctive design that frees up space on tank heads.