Multi-Shaft Mixers

Multi-Shaft Mixers

Multi-shaft mixers are versatile and cost effective. These mixers are used in high viscosity and heat transfer mixing applications. In high shear applications where viscosities exceed 50,000 cps, a typical single shaft high speed dispersion mixer cannot overcome fluid adhesion and non-flowing dead spots will appear in the vessel. For general blending and reactor applications, these “dead spots” will appear at viscosity values near 100,000 cps. The multi-shaft mixer solves this mixing challenge with a combination of impeller types to ensure a fast and complete mix.

Multi-shaft mixers typically consist of  sweep style anchor impellers and smaller homogenizing mixers that work to break agglomerations and/or create emulsions. The anchor impeller works close to the tank wall and  feeds product to the homogenizing mixer location. These anchor impellers can include scraper elements to aid heat transfer and to help move viscous or sticky materials from the tank walls.  Mixers are independently operated to allow for speed variations as the product or application rheology changes. 


We have the exact motor options to fit your application. Our engineering team will selectRPM and horsepower to ensure proper torque for your application. You can work with our team to make sure your motors meet the hazardous, washdown, or chemical resistance requirements of your facility. If you need help deciphering motor terminology  for your multi-shaft mixer, we can help.


Mixer impeller selection drives the success of multi-shaft mixer applications. Our engineering team will help choose the correct impeller types and configurations for your multi-shaft mixer. We have installed a wide variety of impeller types to solve our customer’s mixing challenges, including but not limited to Helical, Anchor, Combination Helical/Anchor, Rotor Stator, Conventional High Shear Blades, Axial Flow Turbines, Hydrofoils, Augers, and Butterfly type impellers. You can also direct your tank discharge flow to one of our inline ShearPro mixers to provide a final ultra high shear polishing step before your next process leg or straight to packaging. 


Our typical multi-shaft mixers will operate in vessels from 1 to 10,000 gallons. Our engineering team will design your vessel directly for its intended use. Our tank shop carries an ASME Sec VIII U and R code stamp. We can design and code stamp your vessel for internal/external pressure, and design a heat transfer jacket (Conventional Baffle, Dimple, or Half-Pipe) for your vessel.  Our tanks are constructed of 300 series stainless steel, while other alloys are available upon request. Our tanks ship with a variety of internal and external finishes. Basic finishes for general industry applications and fully certified high polish finishes for the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries.  


A variety of seal types are available. Our seal packages are engineered for your exact needs. We have seal packages for basic atmospheric vessel operation and packages for pressure, vacuum or both. Our seal packages would include but are not limited to basic lip seals for atmospheric, stuffing boxes and single or dual cartridge mechanical seals for pressure and vacuum, and high performance double lip seals for pressure and vacuum when a mechanical seal or stuffing box is incompatible or cost prohibitive.  


Controls for the multi-shaft mixer line include safety switches to confirm tank and lift position, and independent speed controllers for the mixers.. These safety features are wired to the speed controllers and will shut down motor function if switch conditions are not met. These mixers often include heat and cooling systems. Our team can configure controls for your existing systems or help design a heating and cooling system for you.If the mixer will be part of a larger PLC controlled plant we can help with integration. We can also provide a PLC batch controlled solution that can integrate with existing equipment. Talk with our sales team to find the perfect fit and potential controls expansion for your process. 

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