We had the pleasure of getting to interview Jeff Meyers, the Laboratory Manager at Simon roofing to dicuss their challenges in improving their coatings research and development lab and how they overcame them. Read the case study below to discover why Simon Roofing found their solutions at Mixer Direct. 

About Simon Roofing

For more than 110 years, Simon Roofing has been leading the way in the manufacturing, installation and service of high-quality commercial roofing solutions. Whether a client is in need of a roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement or simply needs a roof inspection and diagnostic services, Simon Roofing has the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver efficient and innovative commercial roofing solutions. Visit their website here to learn more about their company.

The Challenges Simon Roofing Faced

“We had so much waste”, exclaimed Laboratory Manager, Jeff Meyers. Jeff recognized the goals that Simon Roofing wanted to achieve in their coatings process, but hit a roadblock when it came to eliminating product waste and meeting the need for immediate testing. In addition to this, there was a  sizeable challenge to face because they had never utilized mixing equipment in the lab before and were seeking a product that would meet their needs, but also prove to be reliable and user friendly.    

After being  referred by a colleague, Simon roofing discovered a solution to their problems after finding accessible expertise at Mixer Direct.

Finding Solution and Results

Simon Roofing’s coatings application required a mixer that could eliminate waste by effectively producing smaller batch sizes while also allowing immediate or as needed testing. After being directed to the team at Mixer Direct via a referral from a colleague, Simon roofing purchased a Mixer Direct DP1 High Shear Disperser. After the “first batch we mixed – when the mixing team from the plant came down to the lab and helped us make our first batch”, Jeff noted that, “Our minimum batch size was 30 gallons.  With our new mixer, we can produce 1 gallon batches in our lab and eliminate waste.”  He also said, “It helped us achieve the goals in the laboratory” and “helped improve our research and development portion of the lab”.

Simon Roofing is now able to make small batches and test them immediately or as needed. When asked, Why would Simon Roofing recommend Mixer Direct as a brand or product?, it was clear that it was due to reliability, product’s user friendliness, and good overall customer service.

Mixer Direct and The Inks, Coatings, and Paints Industry

When it comes to selecting mixing equipment for the inks, coatings, and paints industry, each application is unique. Mixer Direct sales engineers are here to assist you in customizing the right mixing equipment to fit your process.