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Meet Tenn South Distillery

By watching the video above, you can join us for an inside look at distilling in Tennessee. Tenn South Distillery is a distiller of handcrafted small batch spirits located in Lynnville, Tennessee. Blair Butler and Clayton Cutler got their start by bringing their dreams of opening a distillery to a reality. Who knew the equation for incredible distilling was the combination of an engineer and a radiologist?

Tenn South’s spirits are made from raw materials on site performing mashing, fermenting, distilling, barrel aging, and bottling. No, they aren't distilling their great grand pappy's ancient family recipe or rooted in an ancestry of distillers. One thing is true though, they know and love their craft. The staff at Tenn South is incredibly hospitable and know just about everything you could possibly want to know about the craft and Tennessee distilling. Tenn South truly ventures to utilize a combination of both the methods of past and the present to bring about a fresh approach.

Their current offerings include their Old King Corn Whiskey, Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, Black Mule Vodka, Abernathy Gin, and myriad of impressive Moonshines. Three of their spirits have recently taken home Gold and Bronze medals this year in national competitions. The award winners include Tenn South’s All Purpose Shine, Abernathy Gin and Black Mule Vodka.

Where Can I Buy Tenn South Products?

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