The industrial sector has experienced a significant growth recently, and a rise in demand for top entry industrial agitators (industrial mixers) has arrived along with it. The expansion of the agitator market is driven by the requirement for customized and complex agitators in manufacturing. Many different industries around the world use top entry agitators; including food and beverage, brewing and distilling, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, just to name a few. Top entry mixers are regularly used in applications ranging from quantities of 100-50,000+ gallons. These mixers are built to handle large-scale mixing applications found in industrial processing. However, records have shown that the chemical industry is the most consistent user of top entry mixers, as they can accomplish many of the tasks sought by manufacturers of complex chemical substances.

Top Entry Mixers On The Rise Globally

Recent statistics have indicated that the global top entry agitator market is set to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 5.80% between 2014 and 2021; or alternatively, from a value of $2.1 billion to as high as $3 billion. North America has been the geographical leader in industrial top entry mixer manufacturing, which is expected to continue to be the case until at least 2021.


Process manufacturing is rapidly expanding and developing worldwide, providing developing nations with a fundamental way to spur economic growth. The chemical industry is a multi-faceted trade that is relevant to a multitude of other fields. Petrochemistry (oil and gas), plastics, pulp and paper, and wastewater treatment are some of the chemical industry’s largest sectors. In broader terms; the chemical industry tends to be divided into three sectors, the first of which is basic chemicals. Basic chemicals include petrochemicals, polymers, and basic inorganics. They’re mass-manufactured and most often sold to other sectors of the chemical industry or process manufacturers in general. Many of these are used as base ingredients in the production of a complete product. Then there are speciality chemicals, which are designed with the purpose of performance and function. Like basic chemicals, speciality chemicals are used in a number of different ways; from agricultural applications to pigments and dyes for textiles. Other speciality chemicals of note are things like paints, adhesives, coatings, and surfactants. The final category are consumer chemicals; which, as their name suggests, are typically sold directly to the consumer. Personal hygiene products are one of the largest groups of consumer chemical manufacturing. Household items like soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes, and many more are prime examples of consumer chemicals. They are likely to be found in the vast majority of homes around the world, as billions of people use these products on a daily basis. All of the three sectors of the chemical manufacturing industry combined constitutes an enormous portion of process manufacturing in general. Other types of manufacturers, even outside of the chemical industry, rely upon the goods supplied by the chemical industry as an integral part of their production formulas and cycles.

Mixer Direct Top Entry Mixers


Mixer Direct- a brand of MXD Process- manufactures top entry mixers, as well as a other types of industrial mixers. The engineering and sales staff has years of experience, in the chemical industries and in other industries of processing world. They are also capable of designing customized solutions for unique applications with the most specific requirements.

In addition to Mixer Direct, MXD Process also encompases two other brands, Titan Tanks and MXD Systems. Titan Tanks offers stainless steel tanks for a variety of industries, and can provide vessels fitted with an industrial mixer. MXD Systems designs and builds process systems and controls. The combined capabilities of the brands of MXD Process enables the company to provide process equipment for a garage startup to entire plant buildouts. MXD Process strives to help process manufacturers in all industries to unlock Earth’s resources and supply companies with the equipment they need to reach unprecedented levels of success.