The Challenge And The Results

The craft-beer industry is challenged when we ask ourselves about the amount of beer produced by every State. The hurdle comes from the growing popularity of crafted brews. There’s now a difficult process we undergo to measure the top names in craft breweries across the States. Those that made it to this list have history and innovation working for them. Others are being supported by the larger demand for craft beers. Here are the 10 top beer states in America. 



The Texan economy made $3.8 billion during 2013 and from craft beer alone. The numbers say a lot, and it helps that the State doesn’t produce less than 200,000 barrels per year. Let this State be a perfect example of where major craft brands started. The United States is working hard to become the united craft beers, and the business boom witnessed is proof of the major growth underway. 



Oregon State made it to the top-ten of brewing States as a continuation of its past performance. This State often ranks well with beer drinkers, and the data supports it market advancements. Don’t be surprised to find that Oregon doesn’t just lead in the manufacturing of popular craft varieties. Some of the major social attractions of the State give it the perfect potential to offer a quick sip. These servings add up to gallons of beer with many more consumed per year. 



California is another major U.S. State that makes a big impression in the business of craft breweries. West-Coast popularity puts California in the number-one spot for the number of craft breweries in active operation. The State has over 600 registered breweries and factories. The region’s production makes it second nationwide and at a rate of 3,295,221 barrels a year. These are barrels of craft beer that get shipped around the 49 States, the world and through the popular social venues in California. California is the most reliant on their craft-beer industry as it makes up such a large part of the State’s economy. Craft enthusiasts and breweries expect business to continually rise at a rapid pace.

New York 

new york.png

It’s difficult to mention any top list without putting the giant state of New York in the picture. Most recent studies show this State as producing roughly $2.9 billion in beer production. The number of breweries in the State reach well over 250 operations statewide. 



It might take a quick visit to the “Big A” before you realize how much beer is made and consumed there. Alaska appears on this list because out of 50 states, it ranks seventh for craft breweries per capita. Beer laws up-state are also a bit more relaxed, so producers have been experimenting with high counts of alcohol and in a variety of flavors. Alaska is now ranking 26 for having over 200,000 barrels produced per year. More stunning statistics about the State puts it third for the number of gallons consumed per 21-year-old adult. The State is showing healthy signs of growth from year to year and sets to almost double craft-beer production since 2011.



Delaware makes an interesting appearance on our list and stands with what’s considered among the lowest number of breweries in operation. What strikes us is that this State continues to rise on the beer charts by producing more craft selections year after year. Consider the fact that Delaware consumes 11.1 gallons per 21 year-old adult, and a few things become clear. Beer is a popular commodity in this State, and the economic impact, which craft beers are having alone, give it a rank of 10 out of 50 states having a per capita impact of 456.79.




Florida continues to hold its popularity as a State for craft beer, and there’s a great deal of appreciation it receives in the national market. The local-state economy is improving, and enthusiasts are finding new craft beers to call “favorites.” This State ranks fairly low for consumption in relations to the number of breweries it has. This fact doesn’t slow the impact Florida is making on the trend of state-based craft breweries. Florida is operating with close to 200 different breweries who’re combining new technology to mixtures made for factory specs. Craft-brewing has a tremendous economic impact on this State, and its production of craft beer is only rising. 



Georgia has an impressive stance. The “Peach State” ranks 17th nationwide for the economic impact that craft brewing is having on the Georgian economy. Yearly production continues to rise, and the outlook seems great for the State. It makes impressive numbers with only 53 recognized operations statewide. Georgia is definitely riding on the major developments of craft beer in the United States. 



Michigan is recognized as a popular desitnation for finding craft brews favored by Americans. Fan-favorites are found in the likes of Jolly Pumpkin and Battle Creek though familiar city names like Kalamazoo and Grands Rapids are also getting noticed. The world will recognize these emerging States as they make an international message. The message we find makes European brewers second guess what’s possible in the States. The USA is still growing its roots, and the momentum is bringing our “cities-states” together.  

Washington State

washington state.png

This northern State is providing the entire nation with over 65 percent of the hops used in beer production. This fact is what measures Washington State on this list. Keeping our craft and commercial beer in production requires a consistent supply of raw goods. The major rise in craft breweries across the States puts a high demand on States that produce raw goods for beer making. This is a time in America’s development that brings tremendous innovation, and Washington is sure to play a major role. Keep your eye out for this State, for the craft varieties are also beginning to gain tremendous recognition.