As 2014 comes to a close we wanted to share our top videos of 2014 with you. Watch these videos to see who took home the crown for the 10 most viewed Mixer Direct Videos. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

1. What It Looks Like To Build A 20,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank In 3 Minutes

20,000 gallon full time lapse

Take an inside look at our tank fabrication shop as a 20,000 gallon stainless steel tank is built before your eyes in 3 minutes. Our stainless steel tanks are fabricated to order with a complete set of customization options for your desired application. To learn more about our tanks watch here.

2. Impeller Sketch Video

Right Hand vs Left Hand Impeller

Curious about the difference between left hand and right hand impellers? Watch this informative sketch video our marketing team put together to better understand a major part of industrial mixing. Learn more about our impellers here.


3. Systems Sketch Video

Systems sketch video

What is a liquid mixing system? Glad you asked. Check out this sketch video to gain a better understanding of how systems work. We specialize in turnkey liquid mixing systems from that distillery your opening in your garage to Fortune 500 companies. If this sounds like something you need, your can get a detailed quote from our experienced engineers here

4. My Day With "The Copper King": Hillbilly Stills

Hillbilly Stills

One of the highlights of 2014 was spending a day with the Copper King himself, Mike Haney, CEO of Hillbilly Stills. Watch this video to see how Mike took intrigue and determination in a Barlow, Kentucky garage to a booming nationwide distillation business.

5. The Dual Shaft Mixer

dual shaft mixer

If industrial mixers were rockstars, the Dual Shaft Mixer would be among the greats. This gorgeous piece of mixing equipment is extremely versatile and cost effective. Watch this short video to get a better feel for the specs. If you need to pick one up, you can customize it for your application and order it here.

6. Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixer

heavy duty clamp mount mixer

If you are looking for a portable workhorse then this Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixer may be your noble steed. This bad boy is heat treated with aluminum housings to provide lightweight portability and a level of durability that is nothing short of outstanding. Learn more here.

7. Memphis Best Bar-B-Q Since 1952: Tops Bar-B-Q

tops bbq

"The thrill ain’t gone…The thrill is here with the brisket”. Memphis is known for blues, Elvis, and you guessed it, barbecue. There is a truckload of barbecue spots in the south. The question is, how many places still recognize the method that produces the incredible taste of slow cooked, authentic pit barbecue, and can make it easily accessible? That’s a big reason for the success of our friends and customers at Tops Bar-B-Q. The Tops team have been serving the real deal for nearly 62 years to 3 generations of customers. At Mixer Direct, we are greatly encouraged by customers like Tops Bar-B-Q. We hope you enjoy a piece of the Tops Bar-B-Q story.

8. How To Make "The Goldberg Rush" Cocktail Featuring 11 Wells

How To Make The Goldberg Rush Cocktail

Due to the influx in business with the distillery industry, our marketing crew began making craft cocktail videos featuring customer's spirits in 2014. Our very first project was with the Minnesota 13 White Whiskey crafted by our good friends and customers at 11 Wells in St. Paul, Minnesota. With a dash of Minnesota culture, a pinch of Mighty Ducks movie trivia, one Minnesota state apple, and a sampling of homemade syrups from Mr. Eron Plevan, you can watch this nifty video to learn How To Make The Goldberg Rush Cocktail from the comfort of your home.

9. How To Spend $100 On Fireworks

firework review

So we realize its no longer the 4th of July, but lucky you, were going to prepare those of you in legally abiding states 6 months in advance. Watch this humorous yet informing video to learn how to effectively purchase $100 worth of fireworks. As an added bonus out of the generosity of our hearts, we set these fireworks off so you can see them in all their splendor before you make a purchase.

10. A Day With US Chia Seeds

US Chia

Who would have guessed that 4 total strangers in a University of Louisville classroom would become a successful nationwide company? In the summer of 2014, Mixer Direct’s marketing team spent a day with Zack Pennington, the CEO of US Chia and Megan Devine their VP of Customer Relations. Zack and Megan gave us a whirlwind tour of their Chia fields and a US Chia customer’s Horse Farm in Kentucky. Watch the video above to learn US Chia’s story and see how the incorporation of Chia seeds are providing increased nutritional benefits, health, and performance in horses.