The Mixer Direct Top Entry High Shear Rotor Stator

The Mixer Direct Rotor Stator is a high shear mixer that accomplishes the vigorous movement of liquid within a mixing container. The design of our single-stage rotor/stator includes a rotor with one set of four blades that turns at a high rate of speed (3000-4000 FPM) within the bounds of the stator which remains stationary. As the rotor rotates within the stator, the materials in the mix are mechanically sheared and are driven into the mix that surrounds it. Thus, the rotor stator accomplishes both mechanical and hydraulic shear. The rotor stator is a highly effective mixer because it allows the material to flow quickly, continuously and greatly reduces process time. This makes the rotor stator a great fit for materials in a wide range of viscosities that require high shear mixing for homogenization.

Why choose the Mixer Direct Top Entry High Shear Rotor Stator?

Why choose the Mixer Direct rotor stator over other high shear mixing options? When the rotor stator is optimized to your mixing container, expectations can be set for shorter mixing cycles and an advanced speed of particle size reduction in most applications. This ensures that homogenization will take place in your mixing process.

How to optimize the Mixer Direct Top Entry High Shear Rotor Stator

Optimizing your rotor stator can be easily accomplished by consulting one of our expert sales engineers. There are a few options to optimize the rotor stator. It can be mounted for top entry with an ANSI flange or suspended from a portable lift. A portable lift offers convenient mobility. This would allow mixing to be conducted in multiple containers with one rotor stator high shear mixer while catering to the handling a diverse amount of materials.

Customization of the Mixer Direct Top Entry High Shear Rotor Stator

There are few ways to customize the top entry high shear rotor stator. It can be designed to protect against contamination for sanitary applications such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, cosmetics, and more. Another customization option is to have the rotor stator built with an explosion proof motor. A majority of customization options will be centered upon customizing the rotor itself.