Mixer Direct Top Entry Mixer Overview


Mixer Direct top entry mixers are capable of handling the largest applications in all of industrial mixing. From sanitary food grade applications to explosion-proof environments in petrochemical refineries; these machines can be found in manufacturing plants around the world. Their versatility enables them to fulfill many different purposes and tasks. Customization of top entry mixer systems allows for even more options; with a diverse selection of sizes, motors, gearboxes, impellers, and much more to outfit a mixer with everything that’s necessary to accomplish the job at hand.

Mixer Attachment

Mixer Direct’s top entry mixers can be attached to the mixing vessel via a plate mount or a flange mount. The plate mounted mixers come equipped with a square shaped plate in sizes of 12 inches and 16 inches. Several other sizes are available in the range of 6 inches to 24 inches, although these are not necessarily limited to a square shape. Flange mounts are considered an excellent choice for use in sealed tank applications. They come in a size range of 2 inches to 24 inches, in both the 150 lb. class and the 300 lb. class. The mounts are constructed out of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or painted carbon steel. Some applications might necessitate the use of a pedestal mount in order to accommodate different configurations such as seal packages.

Top Entry Motor Packages

Mixer Direct’s top entry mixer product line uses a totally enclosed fan cooled {TEFC} electric motors with a 5:1 turndown rating. The 5:1 turndown rating allows a standard motor to be efficiently integrated with an inverter while avoiding expensive winding upgrades. The top entry line can also be built for explosion proof environments. Coating options include stainless epoxy coatings, food grade white epoxy coatings, severe duty coatings, and all stainless steel construction. Other options include an air powered motor that can be operated at a lower horsepower. 

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The standard gearbox for Mixer Direct’s top entry mixers utilizes a premium helical drive with a hollow shaft quill and mineral lubrication, a hollow shaft cover, an oil sight glass, as well as options for food grade lubrication for applications in the food/beverage industry. Available gear reductions range from 4:1 to 134:1, which result in a range of speeds from 13 to 438 RPM. A mixer can also be upgraded with a stainless epoxy coating, a severe duty washdown coating, and an IP66 rating. An IP rating is set by the International Protection (also known as Ingress Protection) code; the first digit refers to the solids protection rating and the second to the liquids protection rating.


Bearing and Seals

Bearings available on Mixer Direct’s top entry line offer additional shaft support and reduce wear on the gearbox. A stainless steel or carbon steel bearing can be an invaluable asset for many different applications. Sanitary applications may require a larger size with an oil safe dry cavity bearing. By constructing  additional supports at the bottom of the vessel, tank steady bearings enable smaller shafts to be used when larger ones would be necessary otherwise. Mixer Direct’s flange mounted top entry mixers can be equipped with four different types of seal packages: a high-performance PTFE composite lip seal, a packing seal, a single mechanical seal with Viton o-rings, as well as a double mechanical seal with Viton o-rings and fluid barrier tank options.


The 5:1 turndown rating enables a mixer to be easily outfitted with a speed controller. Mixer Direct highly encourages adding this option from the very start of the factory build to allow for all the pre-programming and testing. Each controller unit features an input and output package with both digital and analog control points. It also utilizes a digital RPM readout, which is pre-programmed and tested for optimum performance during the construction of the mixer system. The standard controller has a NEMA 4X washdown rating, allowing it to be operated in dirty and/or wet environments. Local control units for explosion proof environments are built up to NEMA 7 standards, including a stop/start button and a potentiometer. These models used in explosion proof systems require the speed control to be located outside of the rated area. MXD Systems, a partner company of Mixer Direct, designs comprehensive control systems which can automate many aspects of operation.


The shafts available in Mixer Direct’s line of top entry mixers come in a size range of ½ inch to 5 inches in diameter and can be made in any length requested. Standard shafting in sizes up to 3 inches is turned, ground, and polished; significantly enhancing the balance, even when operating at high speeds. Materials available for shafts includes 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and carbon steel. Additional options include split shaft couplings, which allow for easy installation. Impellers for Mixer Direct’s top entry line can be attached via a set screw, a keyed set screw, or a shaft weld. The keyed set screw option is very efficient in transmitting torque. Additionally, a split shaft coupling can be used; which greatly simplifies installation and maintenance.


Mixer Direct’s impellers for the top entry product line are constructed out of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or carbon steel. They can also be fitted with a bottom impeller stabilizer for additional support. Low shear impellers are preferred in applications in which the goal is to provide the proper amount of motion in a short amount of time, while also expending a minimal amount of energy. These impellers create a smooth flow with low drag. Options for low shear impellers include marine propellers, steep pitch marine impellers, high efficiency impellers, heavy duty folding impellers, fluid foil impellers, and high efficiency fluid foil impellers. Medium shear impellers excel in applications that don’t require a high degree of pulverization, but do need the proper dispersion of one material into another with some level of both shear and volume. Options for medium shear impellers include folding impellers, turbine impellers, axial flow turbine impellers, radial flow turbine impellers, reduced width axial flow impellers, Rushton disk turbine impellers, and backswept radial impellers. Mixer Direct’s impellers come standard with a bead blasted finish, and they can also be ordered with the welds ground smooth. A shaft welded impeller can feature a #4 food grade finish. They can be polished to any Ra certification {i.e. 32, 35, etc.} required, and each the surface finish is tested with a calibrated profilometer to ensure an exemplary finish.