What Is A Tote Agitator?

A tote agitator is a mixer designed to fit an intermediate bulk container, or what most would refer to simply as a tote. Pictured below is Mixer Direct's Tote Bracket Mount mixer and an example image of what a standard tote might look like.

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Why Choose A Tote Agitator?

Totes are the superstars of shipping containers on the open roadways. This is largely due to the fact that they have been designated so by the Department of Transportation. Have you ever had a pizza delivered to your door and proceeded to use the box as your dinner plate? If you answered yes, great minds think alike. If you answered no, I was just asking for a friend. The point is this: utilizing the container the product arrives in is extremely practical and well, just plain simple. Ideally, the substance that you would desire to mix arrives by truck at your facility. Upon delivery, what could be easier than simply attaching a tote agitator and then begin your mixing process? One could say it's like taking candy from a baby, but we would never do that. Designed to mix IBC Totes, a tote agitator with the properly sized corresponding bracket can fit a range of tote sizes to accommodate your mixing process. As previously mentioned, a tote agitator with a bracket is just plain practical. Bracketed tote agitators can also be quite versatile. If your process might also include a tank, a bracket mount could potentially be an appropriate fit as well. Added benefits in choosing an economy tote bracket mixer could also be less expensive. One more pro to add to the list could include all of the customization options for tote agitators. This may include longer shafts, varied gear ratios, and varied impellers.

Keys To Optimizing Your Tote Mixing

It's not uncommon to face challenges when mixing inside a tote. Let's discuss three of the most common obstacles you might face with tote mixing. The first is dealing with dead spots in the corners of totes. Often times mixing may take place in the center portion of your tote, but will neglect the corners preventing the entire batch from being mixed in the desired fashion. A second common problem is the appearance of side currents in the tote corners commonly referred to as as an eddy or a side swirl (pictured below).


The third obstacle is whole batch mixing with challenging materials such as adhesives. Depending on your choice of impeller, upon exceeding 5000 centipoise (a centimeter-gram measurement to measure sticky, thick, or adhesive substances), the said impeller will give up faster than the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round of the playoffs (really easily). This takes place when your mixing impeller bends. How can these issues be avoided? We thought you'd never ask. The key to maximizing your tote mixing is achieving radial and axial flow with the proper amount of torque. The question is, how can this be accomplished? One simple solution is found in the folding impeller. This component is attached to the end of your mixing shaft and in the folded position it can easily be inserted in the top entry of your tote. The folding impeller is then folded out in the mixing process to achieve axial and radial flow inside your tote reaching potential dead spots and eliminating side flow or eddys. This brings us to mixing viscous materials. Meet the Mixer Direct Heavy Duty Folding Impeller. Our uniquely designed Heavy Duty Folding Impeller is twice as thick with more surface area than the run of the mill folding impeller. The folding blades are attached to a solid stainless steel body constructed hub

A closed Mixer Direct Heavy Duty Folding Impeller which can easily fit through the 2" NPT fitting or the top entry of a tote.


Heavy Duty Folding Impeller-3
An open Mixer Direct Heavy Duty Folding Impeller.

Another solution to carry out tote mixing is taking advantage of our variety folding impeller. We are all about innovation here at Mixer Direct, so if you don't see the right fit, there is a high probability our team can design and craft the right one for your process. Additional ways to optimize your tote mixing might include taking advantage of our free lab testing and our engineering expertise. This will insure that you or your company is equipped with the right tote mixer. Other ways to maximize your tote mixing may involve construction material options like a lightweight aluminum frame or the variety of options for explosion proof mixing.

Where Can I Buy A Tote Agitator?

Look no further. On you can see multiple options for Tote Agitators including the Economy Tote Bracket Mount and the the Tote Bracket Mount. If you are unable to locate the right tote agitator for your application, you can contact our team of engineers staff here.