Need a mixer for truly sanitary mixing applications? Meet the Tri Clamp mixer. The Tri Clamp Mixer is a champ when it comes to cleanliness and the prevention of bacterial growth. It is crafted and designed to attach to a 3 inch tri clamp mount fitting with the benefit of lightweight versatility. The Tri Clamp Mixer is a great choice due to it's ability to adapt to a variety of sanitary functions in a handful of industries. The capability of standing up to the normal wear and tear of mixing make it a winner in the category of durability.

Why Choose A Tri Clamp Mixer?

The Tri Clamp Mixer is primarily found in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. This is largely due to the fact that mixers of this caliber meet the need of truly sanitary applications. The concerns of sanitary applications consistently pertain to the prevention of bacterial growth and the level of ease in which a mixer and mixing container can be cleaned.

Tri Clamp Customization

Mixer Direct offers many customization options including seals, varying gear ratios, motors, shaft width and or length, and many impeller types. We can customize the Tri Clamp Mixer to fit any application just call one of our sales engineers or fill out a contact form here!

Tri Clamp Mixer

Tri Clamp Mixer Seals

A high performance seal provides a properly sealed environment for sterile applications. This is why our economy line Tri-Clamp Mount sanitary mixers are offered with a totally enclosed fan cooled motors with a Teflon seal standard. This can of course be customized depending on the PSI of the interior of your mixing vessel (stainless steel tank, carbon steel, polyethylene etc.)

Gear Ratios

Gear ratios usually will vary depending upon viscosity, the type of the desired mix, and the speed. Simply put, viscosity is "the measure of a substances resistance to motion under an applied force". This most often communicated in centipoise or cP. Viscosity is important aspect of mixing in sanitary applications such as food. The measurement of a substance's viscosity is crucial in regards to optimizing production, texture, and cost. The type of mix and speed will vary depending on the viscosity.


Wash down motors are the most common and equitable choice for mixing in sanitary applications. These particular motors are designed for daily high pressure cleaning. The basis for this is the necessity of eliminating any potential contamination of your mixing batches.


Tri Clamp Mixer

Shaft size on the Tri Clamp mixer will vary depending upon the amount of torque that will be applied to it in the mixing process. Sanitary applications will require the shaft to be polished and welded to a your polished impeller of choice. This requires a 32 Ra. An Ra is a roughness scale used to determine the quality of a surface. a 32 Ra is required to prevent unwanted bacteria being grown in the crevices or ridges on the surface of your impeller and shaft.


Tri clamp mixer

The Tri Clamp Mixer comes equipped with stainless steel propellers. Normally, impellers are attached with set screws to the mixing shaft. For truly sanitary applications these impellers are polished and welded to the shaft. This is necessary to prevent any unwanted substances developing or attaching to your impeller. Impellers can come in a variety of shapes and size for differing applications. Mixing impellers can include Axial Flow Turbines, Radial Flow Turbines, Mixing Propellers, Hydrofoils, Steep Pitch Mixing Propellers, and more (examples picture below).

Tri Clamp Mixer


Where can I Buy A Tri Clamp Mixer?

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