We've all been there. We grab our lunch, sit down, inhale it like like we haven't seen food in years, and then stare blankly at a reflection of our sleep deprived eyes in our computer monitor or smartphone. Thus begins an internal civil war: I could cruise Facebook, re-watch Sportscenter highlights, or I could do something to further myself? Sometimes we just flat out choose to do what we really want to do instead of making any sort of a realistic effort to do something to benefit ourselves. A recent study showed that nearly 30% of workers in the United States rarely even take a lunch break. Repeat after me. Taking a break is good. We're not going to deliver a stop wasting your life guilt speech, but that doesn't mean we can't encourage you to choose one of these ways to make the most of your lunch break. This week an interesting and slightly cynical blog post was passed around our marketing department. In the blog the author posted the statistics of two campaigns to combat excessive indulgence in certain habits. One campaign was on helpful tips to curb the habits and the other was on what would happen to you if you didn't stop. The helpful tips campaign was left practically untouched. However, the negative outcome campaign was insanely successful. So were taking a cue and telling you what will happen if you don't make the most of your lunch break.


Why Would I Want To Learn A New Language When I Already Speak American?

For starters, it drastically improves your value as an employee. If your hoping to jump ship from your current job, it will help you open the door to a boatload of prospects and it can also potentially earn you an increase in pay. Besides, speaking a different language is way more hip than having to use google translate. Let's also not forget the fact that learning a new language can make you profoundly smarter. Studies have shown that it can have a substantial effect on your brain and improve cognitive awareness unrelated to language. Some studies even suggest that language learning can serve as a preventive defense against the onsets of dementia.

How Can I Learn Said Language?

You would think the how of learning a language would be tricky. However, with computer access or a smartphone, you're set up for success. On iPhone and Android phones there is a app called Duolingo.. This app turns language learning into a competitive and entertaining game. You can even compete against friends and post accomplishments to twitter and facebook. Another option is to buy yourself a nice shiny new pair of ear buds and utilize the plethora of language learning podcasts available online. One example is the Coffee Break French. Each episode runs around roughly 18-20 minutes.

For other language options check out Learn A Language Podcasts.

Y O U  W O N T  L E A R N (7)

Why would I want to work out when it's called a lunch BREAK?

I personally refuse to run unless there is a zombie apocalypse or a bear chasing me. However, I must confess that I am sick of being out of shape. I know I'm not alone in that. Yes, You could buy a standing desk (it is a real thing), sign up for a gym you'll visit bi-monthly, or hire a personal trainer to scare you into more muscles, but one thing is guaranteed: You get a lunch break everyday.

How can I get a workout routine started?

If you get an hour for lunch, this will be no problem. Take 25 minutes to eat and 30 minutes to workout. If you get 30 minutes then you have to steward your time better to make this work. Although one of our employees is a workout instructor we won't post our exclusive industrial jazzercize video quite yet. However, there is an abundance of no-sweat lunch break workout exercise plans on the internet. A great place to start is by utilizing these tips.

Y O U  W O N T  L E A R N (6)

Why would I want to take a nap at work? What am I, a grandma?

It's hard to find anyone over the age of 18 who doesn't enjoy a good old fashioned nap. Studies say nearly 33% of Americans are sleep deprived. I venture to say that a significantly higher percentage of parents are sleep deprived as well. Now what you might say is, "I hate naps they make me groggy". We would agree with you, but that is why were talking about a power nap.

How can I take a power nap and not look like a creeper in my car?

We do not recommend napping in your cubicle or at your bosses desk. Our personally conducted studies have resulted in undesirable outcomes. Sleep specialists suggest slightly sitting upright. We recommend driving to a safe area perhaps a park or your company parking lot. Setting an alarm is not a bad idea either. We also suggest wearing sunglasses which serves a a few purposes: You look cool, people can't see your eyes so no one can judge you, and get you get your power nap in. According to a recent article by the Wall Street journal, 10 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a power nap. It's tempting to not visualize a boardroom of scientists throwing darts at a chart and saying, "welp, wilson hit 10 minutes on the bullseye! Does that sound good to you guys? 10 minutes it is!". False. They base this off of a study where 24 individuals slept from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. After they woke up they would be given tasks that required mental processing. Those who only slept 10 minutes had a significantly higher success rate.


We hope this blog post was informative as to what will happen if you waste your lunch break. There are of course many other ways to spend your lunch break. Did we leave something out?

What Are Some Of The Ways You Spend Your Lunch Break?


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