What In the World Are We Mixing?

Industrial Mixing. Two words that we are sure have occupied your mind recently. Ok, perhaps not. However, we do think that you should know that much of what you may enjoy is the result of the involvement of industrial mixing. What is industrial mixing? Think kitchen aid on a hulk size level. It can be explained in a simple manner yet involve a host of complexities involving chemistry, engineering, math, and a whole lot more. In a world where consumers are becoming much more sensitive in the recent past to the who, where, and how of their favorite products, industrial mixing might be one aspect you just might not know about.

Many people frequently stop our Mixer Direct blog team and are curious as to why we write about such a wide scope of topics. Our honest response? We gratefully play a role in such a wide variety of industries, we cant help but share as much as we can get our hands on about our customers applications. We are thrilled to share about the stories of our customers industries on a regular basis. In part 1 of this series, we want to take an inside look at Mixer Direct's role in the beverage industry. We also want to help shed light on the mystique of what we do as a company.

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The Beverage Industry

The Beverage Industry

American's love beverages. Think about just a few of these, sports drinks, water, carbonated water, coffee, soda, beer, wine, and spirits. Drinks are refreshing. A skeptics response may be, "of course, humans do have to stay hydrated". Last time I checked there is a whole lot more enjoyment found in an ice cold glass of lemonade after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day than a mundane daily task like brushing your teeth. Beverages are often enjoyed leisurely and communally, a large portion of the time. On the other side of the coin, when the economy is looking up, the beverage industry is hot on its trail. This is especially true for the wine and spirits industry.

Here's the romantic part, when large groups of people fall in love with a specific type of beverage, it could mean a lot of different things, but today it means industrial mixing. Big demands for a product require equipment on an entirely different level. Industrial mixers allow large quantities of beverages and their components to be mixed to meet these demands.

One question we are seeking to answer in this post is, how did we become a part of the beverage industry? There are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors. The first reason is found right within our branding, "Mixer Direct". We have worked hard to establish quick turn arounds, short lead times, and the result of getting industrial mixers directly to your business, start up, or home. At Mixer Direct, we pride our selves on 5-7 day lead times while competitors offer 6-8 weeks on comparable products. The next aspect includes our efficient clean design that allows for low profile installs. Another aspect includes the sanitary requirements in beverage mixing. This is why you can expect shaft welded mixers (versus set screws) made with hand polished stainless steel. Most recently, we are pleased to share that we can now offer endless configurations in liquid processing in one place thanks to our family of brands which include: Mixer Direct, MXD Systems, and Titan Tanks.

Breweries & Distilleries

Brewery & Distilleries

If you have taken a tour of a brewery or a distillery, then you’ve probably been in the same room with an industrial mixer. Surprised? The most common use of mixers in the distilling and brewing industries are usually found in the mash tank process or in a copper still. In preparation for this blog series, we were able to sit down with our sales and engineering staff to get to the bottom of mixing in the beverage industries. "With the distilling and brewing industry we have a good approach because we are so familiar with viscous material. We are able to give distilleries and breweries a good idea of how an industrial mixer will work in their mash tank", said Inside Sales Rep, Keith Brown. On the plus side, the benefits don't end there. Another reason we have been found so appealing in the brewery and distilling industry is that our mixers can fit a wide scale and variety of sizes from lab units upwards of however big one of our customers can dream up. We are also grateful to have the opportunity to work with start up distillers all the way up to established historic distilleries.


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If you were to name your favorite soft drink, you can bet that there was an industrial mixer involved. We've also had the pleasure of working on both sides of the proverbial aisle when it comes to cola and a variety of flavoring companies. In fact, one of our first major plant buildout of tanks, mixers, and controls came in the spring of 2014. Our company was ecstatic to be awarded a contract to Supply Tanks, Mixers, and Controls to Clarendon Beverage Flavoring Plant Build in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Our industrial mixers were to provide a truly sanitary and highly efficient mixing process for the use of creating specialty beverage flavorings for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. “It is exciting to be a part of bringing a company to our hometown that provides flavors all over the world for a wide variety of industries”, said Ed Stogner, VP of Engineering, MXD Process.

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our "What In The World Are We Mixing?" series. Stay tuned as we journey through a variety of incredibly interesting industries that utilize industrial mixing. If you have questions about mixing and the beverage industry, you can comment with your questions below or you can find out more by joining our email list here.