A Wide Selection of Mixers and Technologies To Choose From

What is the value that Mixer Direct can really add to a customer? When a customer calls us with a particular problem they’re having, we don’t offer a small set of limited solutions for their problem. We have a pretty large set, and we do that by design. Many might would question the wide selection of mixers and technologies to choose from-- from small dispersers, large dispersers, to rotor stators, high shear or low shear, low viscosity to high viscosity applications, to mixers that are equipped to handle five gallons to one hundred thousand gallons. Mixer Direct has designed the company in such a way that when someone calls us and needs a solution, we don’t have to take something that isn’t really going to fit your application and try to force fit it because that’s all we have to offer. We strive to have a wide enough product line that we could accurately assess your application and confidently say this is the right solution for your problem. This is the essence of what we’re trying to do at Mixer Direct.]

Investing In The Success of Our Customers

This is how Mixer Direct has worked from the beginning. If we can serve our customers well and get them a functioning process at the lowest possible cost, our desire is that they’ll become market-leaders in their areas. We believe that when this is the core of serving our customers,  they’re going to continue to allow us to serve their industrial mixing needs. This is why our returning customers are still comprising a significant portion of our quotes because what we’re doing has definitively helped people. These customers are a large part of where we are at today, and we’re really glad for it. This is true even in areas where we’ve had to put a lot of time into getting their process just right. We do this because it’s who we are, and we’re reminded that it’s just a good way to run a business as well as just being who we want to be.

Helpful Creativity and Problem Solving

If you take a look around you will see a bevy of industrial mixer companies that don’t want to operate this way because it can be painfully difficult and time consuming. Most companies would prefer to throw an expensive overkill-product at the problem and then walk away with padded pockets. In this day and age we’re trying to genuinely create tangible return on your investment in our product. We believe that with our dedication to helpful creativity we can help our customers achieve increased energy efficiency by addressing and rethinking the twentieth century ways of processing things. When your capital costs are super high and throughput demands are high we see the need to be more creative to get things done. At Mixer Direct, we are going to build your mixer in an intelligent way that is going to be more competitively priced with the potential to make your process naturally cheaper.