Common Configurations for High Shear Stators

Common Configurations for High Shear Stators
angle slot rotor stator

Angle slot

  • The Angle Slot stator is the best combination of high shear and adequate flow. It comes standard on our Post Mount Rotor Stators, and is rated for up to 10,000cps viscosity. As the rotor spins and forces the mixture through the stator, the angled vertical slots shred through solids and powders to create suspensions and homogenization. 


emulser rotor stator
  • The Emulser stator works best for creating fine emulsions or suspensions in lower viscosity mixtures. Emulser stators break down ingredients with small holes or a fine mesh, creating an ultra-high shear environment. 


general purpose rotor stator


General Purpose
  • The General-purpose stator works well in a variety of applications. The product is drawn from under the rotor stator and forced through large holes in the stator, working best to break down soft solids and generate a high flow.



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