20-1000 Gallon Drum Mixers

Medium sized mixers, also called “portables”, are sized and powered to handle most applications in the industry that process from 30 to 1000 gallons. These mixers are the most flexible and versatile for mid-sized operations. MXD supplies light and heavy duty clamp mounts, drum lid mounted and bung mount mixers, as well as tote bracket mounts. Motors can be electric or air powered, and our electric designs can be specified explosion proof. For clean operations we can provide sealed systems and stainless components.

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We have standard designs with a very wide variety of shaft-impeller combinations which can be further customized to almost any configuration. This category of portable agitator usually goes under the title of "Drum Mixer" for this is their primary use. Many companies have found that mixing in the shipping drum saves in transfer losses and tank investment. MixerDirect's clamp on drum agitator line can attach onto the side of steel drums and can be adjusted to almost angle. When adjusted properly the operator can achieve mixing that simulates a baffled tank. Some companies when requesting drum mixers, need for the drum to remain covered to reduce vapor loss. The drum lid mounted mixer is ideal for that circumstance, with an integrated lid that will fit right on top of your open top drum. Call us for assistance regarding your drum mixing needs (812) 202-4047 or contact us through the website for industrial mixing equipment and we'll get back to you the same day.

1/3 HP Electric Direct Drive Economy Clamp Mount

1/3 HP Electric Direct Drive Economy Clamp Mount

ECM033EDD-24 $832

These clamp mount mixers are short on price and long on function. Ideal for use in small batches and where some shear action is required. Adjustable positioning, light weight and easy removability makes the clamp mount, commercial grade mixer a popular choice for applications that need a high level of versatility. All of the materials contacting the fluid are constructed of 316-grade stainless steel, ensuring a high level of resistance to chemical attack. A square pitched left-hand propeller is included with this commercial grade mixer, providing a significant amount of flow per horsepower.